7 Stupid Ways People Have Accidentally Killed Themselves


I am the first to admit that death and dying is anything other than funny or entertaining but every so often it emerges that someone has managed to accidentally kill themselves in the strangest, weirdest and stupidest of ways you probably never thought were possible. For example…..

1 – Wearing A Neck Scarf that is Too Long


Way back in the 1920’s a woman named Isadora Duncan was a well known, well loved and stunningly beautiful dancer. She was as well known for her slender figure and long neck as she was for her graceful dancing. Isadora often enjoyed wearing long scarves which she would allow to flow graceful from her neck.

Unfortunately for Isadora she also enjoyed taking drives in the French countryside and as you can imagine long flowing scarves and open top cars with moving parts really don’t mix together. On the fatal day her scarf managed to get itself tangled in the rear wheel of her car while she was riding in the passenger seat, snapping her neck and killing her quicker than you could say ouch.

2 – Eating Way Too Much Dessert

As we all know gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and anyone who is interested in history will know that there are plenty of people in the history of royal families who are well known for this sin. The first that springs to most peoples mind is King Henry VIII of England but he ate like a stick insect when compared to King Adolf Frederick of Sweden.

King Adolf ate his last mean on February 12, 1771 when he sat down and feasted on lobster, caviar, steak and champagne. Most people would not feel like eating for a week having consumed such a lavish meal but not King Adolf who decided to finish off his feast with a dessert. A dessert which consisted of 14 huge bowls of Semla, a creme-filled pastry served in a bowl of hot milk. It was at the end of the 14th bowl that kings digestive system decided it could take no more and failed him killing him in the process.

3 – Listening Too Very Loud Music

One of the most common things that parents say to their kids must surely be “will you turn down that darn music.” For most of us we assume that our parents say this because they don’t want us to damage our hearing but there is an obvious safety issue there is you are unable to hear the world around you.

This is exactly what happened in the case of Isaiah Otieno of British Coumbia who was walking down the street wearing his headphones with his music pumped up to the very max. If it hadn’t been for his ridiculously loud music shaking his brain loose inside his head he probably would have heard the sound of the out of control helicopter that was heading in his direction.

As the helicopter came crashing down behind him it continued down the street colliding at high speed with the oblivious Otieno who was on his way to post a letter. The moral of this story is that it pays to pay attention as freak accident do occur from time to time.

4 – Death at the Hands of Your Own Invention

Segway’s, those two wheel stand-on transportation units, are very cool and great fun but they can also be somewhat dangerous especially if you happen to be James W. Heselden, the owner of Segway Inc.

Heselden was out for a ride on his very own Segway near his home in the south of England when he managed to accidentally steer it off a cliff. According to witnesses Heselden had been travelling down a path which ran along the top of a cliff when he tried to move over to one side to allow walkers past. As he did so he was unable to accurately steer his gadget and drove straight off the nearest cliff. Maybe Segway’s aren’t the safest things to be riding on in traffic after all.

5 – Playing Video Games

The next time you embark on a marathon video game session you might want to remember Lee Seung Seop, a man with a serious video game addiction. This man quit his job so that he could devote more time to playing video games and that decision ultimately cost him his life.

In the August of 2005 Seop started on a marathon video game session at his local South Korean internet coffee shop. He managed to play for a whopping 50 hours only ever stopping so he could take a toilet break. He ended up dying while still sat at the computer terminal. The cause of death was determined to be dehydration and heart failure. This death certainly gives a whole new meaning to words “Game Over”.

6 – Parachute Suit Testing

As one can imagine the ultimate test for any parachute or parachute suit is to actually jump from a very high building or an aeroplane. In 1912 aeroplanes were not that easily accessible so when Franz Reichelt, a French tailor who was obsessed with creating a wearable parachute suit, needed to test his device he went straight to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Reichelt called himself The Flying Taylor and on February 4, 1912 he climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to test his parachute suit by throwing himself form the top while wearing it. Originally he had promised to use a dummy for the test but horrified onlookers watched him strap himself into the suit and then hurl himself over the towers edge. The suit failed to work as he had expected, in fact it did nothing, as he plunged quickly to his death. A quick search on YouTube will give you a variety of videos which show the real event and the man’s fall to his death.

7 – Overdosing on Sex and Viagra

I have often heard that you cannot get to much of a good thing but that certainly was not the case for Sergey Tuganov, a 28 year old man who made a bet with two girls for $3,000 that he could go at it with them all day. Determined to make sure he won the bet and the $3,00 Tuganov downed an entire bottle of Viagra and jumped into action. Zoom forward 12 hours and Tuganov was victorious in winning the bet but later died of a heart attack as a direct result of consuming a fatal overdose of the drug.

3 Totally Irrational Thoughts That We All Have

The thoughts that go through our head are probably one of the strangest things that exist in the known universe. More mysterious than any phenomenon known to exist and a wonder to anyone who dare think long enough about what I am stating here.

Despite the very real fact that the thoughts which go through our head being so brilliant, special and unique there is something very worrying about both our thoughts and ourselves. That worry lies in the very fact that we all spend the majority of our time and our lives thinking the most irrational of thoughts that are beyond bizarre even for the most insane among us.

Getting Caught Out In A Lie

Go on! Admit it! You tell the occasional little white lie. If we’re all honest we probably tell more lies in our everyday life than we even realise. For some of us lying is no big deal and we seldom worry about it but for others the slightest hint that we may have not been entirely honest creates a sinking feeling deep in the pit of our stomachs that we simply cannot shake.

This is quite obviously an understandable reaction that most of us have had since childhood when we told lies to our parents and then spent the next three weeks worrying about getting caught out. In fact we spent most of the time within those three weeks walking on egg shells trying to decide whether or not our parents knew that we had been lying.

As we get older the fear of someone finding us out in a lie becomes, in many cases, totally and utterly irrational and we find ourselves worrying about the lies we told to strangers. This is a mixed reaction between the embarrassment of someone catching us out in a lie and the fear of the punishment we will receive as a result of lying.

A typical example of how we are preprogrammed to be fearful of someone realising that we are lying is when you are walking down the street and someone approaches you asking if you have a few minutes to spare to fill in a survey or if you can spare some change. Your immediate response is that you are in a mad rush or you have no money on you and then you get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as you can.

The fear and panic takes over you when less than thirty minutes later you happen to be walking back up the same street holding an overpriced cup of hot coffee and you realise that if the person who approached you earlier sees you then they will know you were lying and just didn’t want to talk to them. You might even find yourself days later still trying to justify to yourself why you didn’t give the homeless person your spare change or why you shunned the poor woman desperately trying to fill in a survey.

When you think about this with a logical mind you really have to ask yourself what are you expecting to happen the next time you walk down that section of street. Are you expecting the same homeless person to come creeping up behind you and go “A-ha!!!! I knew you were lying. I knew you had some change in your pocket”

Trying to Control The Outcome

We’ve all been in the situation where we find ourselves perhaps glued to the television watching our favourite team play our favourite sport and the entire game comes down to that one single point. We sit there desperately praying and believing with all of our heart that if we pray hard enough or concentrate hard enough then we will end up having some strange and divine effect on the outcome of the game.

Obviously this sort of irrational thinking is not solely used when we are watching sporting events. Pretty much any situation we find ourselves in where we feel desperate for a certain outcome we find ourselves honestly believing that the power of thought will effect the out come. The more desperate we find ourselves the more we seem to believe we have some special power to control the outcome of the universe with nothing more than the power of thought.

It is a nice idea but completely irrational and ludicrous for us to think this way.

Everyone is Talking Behind Your Back

people talking behind back

It takes a somewhat heartless and shallow, maybe confident person to have never spent at least some of their time thinking that everyone around them is talking behind their back. Usually this happens in the workplace or within a persons home life but always involves the gut twisting fear that people are talking about you behind your back. For some people this irrational fear gets so bad that every time they see a work colleague or family member on the phone or in a conversation with someone else they start fearing that the communication is about them.

The truth here is that this irrational thought is usually a direct result of someone having a guilty conscious. A typical example would be a man who has cheated on his wife and fears she will find out. This can lead to him jumping every time the phone rings just in case the call happens to be someone ready to spill the beans.

5 Horrifying Facts Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know


Anyone who has found themselves reliant on any form of medication will know just how expensive they can be. In fact the worldwide pharmaceutical industry is worth a staggering US$300 billion a year. When you take the time to realise the huge sums of money that are involved it is hardly any wonder that companies within this industry have more than their fair share of secrets that they would rather you, the medicine buying public, did not know.

1 – “Me-Too” Drugs

In every single commercial industry that has ever existed and ever will exist there is and always will be competition between rival companies. This is particularly true if the industry in question happens to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars so it is hardly any wonder that when one pharmaceutical companies comes up with a new and potentially profitable drug all the other companies are desperate to get in on the action.

Obviously rival companies cannot simply rip off each others products because pharmaceutical companies are well known to create what can only be described as iron clad patents on their products. To get around the small issue of patents pharmaceutical companies invest huge sums of money into finding ways to ever-so-slightly altering a molecule or two. This means it is possible for rival companies to produce as many generic knockoffs as they can imagine without breaching any laws, patents or copyrights and grab their share of that juicy potential revenue.

It is certainly no secret that drug companies engage in this practice on a regular basis but what the pharmaceutical industry would rather you did not know is that while they are spending time, resources and huge sums of money on trying to legally replicated each others companies they are in fact taking all of these resources away from developing new life saving and life changing drugs with real benefits to real people. Sure, pharmaceutical companies still spend huge amounts of time and money on researching and developing new drugs but they could do so much more were they not constantly chasing each others tail in the quest for bigger and certain profits.

2- Pharmaceutical Companies Play Down Known Side Effects

Have you ever had a time in your life where your hair started to fall out in big clumps or your body started to develop huge puss-filled spots and strange rashes for no apparent reason? Well, if you can answer yes to that question there is a really good chance that this was nothing more than something that was not so clearly listed in the side effects of the medication you were on as “may cause mild skin irritation”.

You can be forgiven for thinking that drug companies are legally bound to make sure customers, in this case you, are well informed and know all potential and certain side-effects that can occur through the use of their products. The thing is drug companies are actually legally bound to document all known and potential side effects but they are are also legally allowed to spend huge sums of cash on promoting their products using any positive angle they chose. When huge sums of money are thrown at any product to promote it in a positive light a smoke screen quickly appears and clouds even the most critical of eyes.

The obvious question here is “why do doctors not make sure we all understand the side-effects?”. Well, not only do pharmaceutical companies downplay side effects to Mr Joe Public they also downplay side-effects to doctors. There is more than a good chance that when your doctor prescribes drugs to you he to is actually totally unaware of the side-effects.

Scary thought, isn’t it?

3 – Disease Mongering and Disease Rebranding

The pharmaceutical industry and all of those billions of dollars rely solely on people becoming sick. If we all woke up tomorrow and disease and illness suddenly failed to exist the industry would fail in a heartbeat. On that note it is easy to see that new diseases and illnesses can be good news for the pharmaceutical industry. A new illness means a new cure is needed and a new cure means new profits.

There are only so many illnesses that are ever going to exist or come along at anyone time so drug companies have been quick to realise that they should not only market their products they should also market the disease.

We’ve all witnessed songs that are released one year then rereleased by another artist several years later with a totally new spin on it. Drug companies have realised that if they can put a new spin on an old disease they can then put a new spin on a drug. In 2003 the huge pharmaceutical giant Glaxo did jus this when it decided to invent and publicise a new disease which was called Social Anxiety Disorder. Not only did they launch this new disease they also launch a new product and cure for it in the form of a very strong antidepressant. The medication bagged Glaxo millions, if not billions, of dollars in the quest to treat Social Anxiety Disorder but what Glaxo did not make common knowledge was that Social Anxiety Disorder was nothing more than a new name for something we all know as “shyness”.

I would guess that you are thinking that shyness is not a disease and this is what is so worrying about what pharmaceutical companies refer to as disease mongering. It would be of no surprise if some pharmaceutical company somewhere decided to rename and start treating something as common as happiness.

4 – Money Talks and So Do Bribes

When a doctor prescribes a medication it is perfectly natural for you to assume he is doing so because that medication is the best possible way to treat you and any aliment that you may have. Well, you can assume that but you would be very much wrong. Doctors, just like any other business, are more than happy to prescribe to you whichever medication comes from the manufacture that happens to be filling their pockets with the most cash.

If a doctor has the option of prescribing you one of two drugs, drug A and drug B, with drug A being the most effective with the least side effects he is still highly likely to prescribe you drug B if that is the drug which will net him the most profit.

It’s okay to be outraged by this little known fact but we do live in a society based on capitalism and most of us would do the same given half the chance.

5 – Sweatshop Manufactured


It is common knowledge that most popular clothing brands and electronic companies manufacture their products overseas, in countries where the labor is dirt cheap and workplace regulations tend to be barley existent.

Since we all imagine medication to be produced in a clean and sterile environment we all tend to think that it is manufactured in western countries under strict guidelines and controls. Believe it or not an ever increasing amount of medication is now produced in the same countries that offer cheap labor and very little in the way of workplace regulations.

It is important to realise and understand that big pharmaceutical companies are businesses just like any other business in any other industry and the bottom line here is money. If a company, even a pharmaceutical company, can produce it’s products in what is basically a sweatshop employing poor people who will work eighteen hours for fifty cents and no bathroom breaks, well, you can bet your last dollar they are going to do just that.

Just don’t expect them to shout that fact from the rooftops.

5 Most Annoying Coworkers (and how to deal with them)


When it comes to the work place we all know that it can be filled with a diverse range of coworkers each with a different personality and therefore all with the potential to annoy you in a different way.

Sure, there is the occasional coworker out there who you might get on with but at the heart of matters we all know that they annoy you more than you will ever admit

1 – The Space Invader

No, the space invader coworker is nothing at all to do with vintage video games but is all about invading your space. Both your work space and your personal space. It doesn’t matter if you are hard at work or sat on the toilet taking the mother of al dumps the space invader will pop up usually using the old line, “just passing by” or “just popped in to see how you are doing.”

From here the conversation will continue to go down like cheap five dollar hooker who has just been hit in the stomach by a fat guy with warts. That is quickly and will become more and more pointless until you finally manage to escape which is never an easy task

How To Deal With This Coworker

I’m sure you have heard time and time again that the best form of defence is to attack and that is certainly true here. The obvious idea here is to let out a silent but deadly fart but that is not always possible so here you will have to rely on a simpler and more conventional form of attack.

You can start by filling every single bit of space on your desk with something to stop this coworker parking their backside anywhere near you for what will turn out to be hour after hour. Make sure there are no available seats nearby and if all of that fails and you are presented with an unwanted visit you simply start talking about the contagious disease that you think you might have. In this case an occasional cough and th need to put your hand on the coworker to steady yourself will work wonders.

2 – Mr/Mrs Know-It-All

Mr and Mrs Know-It-All is that one person in your work place who really does think they know everything about everything. It really doesn’t matter what topic is being discussed you can guarantee that this coworker will will know, or at least think they know, more than anyone else in the room. Even when you happen to be talking about a subject in which you are particularly knowledgeable Mr or Mrs Know-It-All is sure to be standing there ready to correct each and everyone of your points.

Not only does Mr and Mrs Know-It-All annoy the hell out of you because they think they know everything about everything they annoy you because they always have to be that one step better than anyone else. If you ran a 5k race they would have ran a 10k race. If you ran a half marathon they would have run a full marathon.

It doesn’t even stop at out of work activities. This coworker even claims to do your job much better than you can ever hope of doing it and they can do it while standing on their head.

How To Deal With This Coworker

The key when it comes to Mr and Mrs Know-It-All is all down to preparation. If you find that you are required to work alongside or with this coworker and there is now way of avoiding it then make sure you do your homework and bring all your card to the table. Bring airtight facts to the table and make sure they are 110% correct.

For added pleasure and satisfaction always be one step ahead and research facts that you know Mr and Mrs Know-It-All will jump on within a millisecond. The key here is to anticipate what Mr and Mrs Know-It-All will jump on and make sure you have a fact to counter whatever they throw at you.

3 – The Gossip

The gossip is the guy in the office who does not know how to shut their mouth or how to keep it shut. They know everything about everyone and they will insist on telling you every little intimate detail regardless of whether you asked or not.

The gossip is very much like the workplace bully and comes in various shapes and forms. For very obvious reasons the gossip is a master of disguise and as two faced as they come. They use this ability to make sure they are up to date with everyones business. What they don’t know about life in your workplace is not worth knowing about. God help you if the gossip manages to get even the slightest bit of dirt on your personal or professional life.

How To Deal With This Coworker

This is one coworker you really must avoid at all cost. Do not tell them anything. Not what you happened to do last night, not what you had for your lunch and certainly nothing about your personal life. If you are talking in a group and spy the workplace gossip nearby make sure you get the heck out of Dodge as quick as your legs will carry you.

If the gossip doesn’t know anything about you then the less damage they can do.

4 – The Bully

The workplace bully tends not to be the type of bully we are all familiar with. Rather than recreating the bully scenes between Biff Tannen and Geroge McFly in  a Back to the Future movie in your workspace this coworker is that one guy in your office who has a tiny bit more authority than you and uses it their advantage at every available chance.

What makes the coworker bully all the more annoying is that they are only a bully to you because they are indeed further up the command chain than you and in some cases they can even be your boss. If that is the case you spend your days having to jump through hoops and asking “how high” every time they tell you to jump.

How To Deal With This Coworker

The one and only effective way to deal with a bully is to give as good as you get. Sure, this might seem difficult especially if the bully is your boss but this is where workers rights protect you. Don’t be afraid to show that you are annoyed at the constant jibes and don’t ever let yourself get drawn into pointless and long winded arguments that you cannot win. use humour to hit back at the bully with clever remarks that will make they bully look like a complete jack ass should they continue to poke at you.

5 – Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am

Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am could well be the most annoying person, not only in the workplace, but the entire world. After spending years at college and working your way up to whatever level you are at who does not love a useless, clueless and snotty rich kid who quite literally has his job because he is either the son of the company owner or married to the owners daughter. Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am is the guy with the cosy office who spends all day playing around on Facebook while you are left to pick up on the slack. If things go badly then he is quick to point the finger at you but when things go well he is the first to stand up and take the credit.

If you dare to question this guy or object to the fact he sits on his ass all day you are certain to hear the old line “do you know who I am?” This guy has no remorse, no heart and lives anywhere but in the real world.

How To Deal With This Coworker

We all want to march into this guys office and tell him where he can go and stick his job but we all have bills to pay and families to support so this is just not an option. The next best thing is to find a common interest with this guy. If you find he is a degenerate gambler who always loses then you simply pass yourself of as exactly the same. Give him a friend within the workplace he can relate to since he knows everyone else in the office hates his guts.

Yes, this may be a bitter sweet pill to swallow but at least it will keep him off your back and it will put you in the best possible position to snap up any promotions that might arise. If that doesn’t work at least you can look down your nose on him and his gambling habit.

4 Reasons the Apocalypse is Closer Than You Think

Post-Apocalypse-LondonOne thing we all know for certain is that the apocalypse is certainly on the way. I could happen within the next one hundred years but it could also happen within the next few seconds. It is fair to say that the apocalypse is such a hot topic because no one knows how or when it might happen. The truth is no one really knows when the apocalypse will happen, we all just know that it will happen soon or later.

The problem is that the apocalypse may well be somewhat closer than you think.

Increase in Natural Disasters

It’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that there seems to be a huge in crease in the number of natural disasters that are happening all over the world. It seems that whenever we turn on the news or pick up a newspaper there is yet another story about a natural disaster occurring somewhere.

Australia seems to be getting struck by earthquake after earthquake, Asia seems to be getting battered by tsunami’s while the USA is witnessing sever snowstorms, hurricanes and tornados. The UK, according to what we see on the news, is pretty much submerged under water with constant flooding and the rest of Europe looks like it could suffer the same fate. Yes, it does seem that everywhere we look a natural disaster is occurring.

There is a wide range of suggested reasons behind why so many disasters are occurring ranging from climate change to top secret government projects designed to create such horrific disasters. This all may sound far fetched but deep in the most remote part of Alaska there is a huge top secret government installation known publicly as HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is believed by many that this installation is being used by the US government to manipulate electrical frequencies in the earths atmosphere which in turn are used to create natural disasters.

There is no denying that natural disasters are becoming more and more common and more and more severe. How long is it before a natural disaster occurs on a biblical scale? A natural disaster capable of wiping out the majority of the population. It could be just around the corner.

The Mother of Financial Disasters

Over the years the worlds has seen plenty of financial meltdowns but luckily our economy has managed to somehow recover and keep on ticking away just as it always had. Even the Great Depression which saw huge numbers of people out of work and destitute was not enough to bring the worlds economy to a complete halt.

The most recent of financial meltdowns occurred as recently as 2008 and is considered to be the worst financial crisis the world has seen since the 1930’s. As a result of the 2008 financial crisis some of the biggest banks in the world required astronomically huge government bailouts to keep their doors open while some of the worlds largest and longest operating financial institutions simply collapsed and failed over night.

Sure, financial disasters like this have happened time and time again but to this very day the 2008 financial disaster has left things feeling a little different. It is as if things are not recovering as quickly as they should and life is far from getting back to normal. To this very day unemployment is still at a record high and governments all over the globe are cutting spending on vital services to unmanageable levels. There are even some countries, mainly in the European Union, who have required huge bailouts and loans from other countries just so they can pay their bills. When a government is at the point of going bankrupt you just know that something is not right.

When you take a step back and look at the amount of debt nearly every country in the world is in, and still racking up more, it is hard not to sense that this particular financial disaster is still not over and the worse is still to come. Is it possible that financial markets all over the world are quite literally bursting at the seems and ready to explode at any given moment? If that happens you can expect society as we know it to collapse as everyone rushes to the nearest bank in a desperate attempt to draw their money which banks will no longer have.

Cyber Threats

There is a very real reason that governments are ploughing vast sums of money into defending against cyber attacks. It is not just governments who are having to invest heavily in protecting against cover attacks, nearly every organisation and company in the world is having to do the same.

Once upon a time computer hacking was usually confined a created very little damage but in todays modern world computers are pugged into everything, connected together and relied upon to run everything from air traffic control, to your homes heating system.

We are all very much aware that we live in a dangerous world where terrorist are looking for ways to disrupt our way of life and because of that very reason the next big terror attack may not come in the form of a big explosion from a home made bomb. The next big attack could come in the form of a cyber attack.

Imagine that a terrorist organisation or hostile government launched a cyber attack at the computer systems which control a nations electricity grid. If they were able to gain access to such a system it would not take much more effort to wreck havoc and create damage that could take weeks to repair. This could mean an entire nation without electricity until that repair takes place.

While this might not seem all that bad consider this. Without electricity you would be unable to draw money from an ATM, roads would become crippled as traffic controls fail which would mean food would be unable to be delivered to shops. Water would no longer run from your household tap because the pumps required to deliver the water to your house run off electricity. Nearly everything you can possibly think of requires some form of electricity to operate so it is easy to realise the panic and breakdown of society and control that would follow as people began to panic.

Of course a cyber attack on a nations electricity supply is just one scenario. The frightening truth is there are quite literally hundreds of computer systems that are open to attack and if attacked would cause untold breakdowns in the way our society runs.

Maybe it is not a case of will this happen and more a case of when this will happen.

Scary Conspiracy Theories

Not only has the internet given us access to 24 hour a day adult entertainment it has given us the ability to share theories, spread rumours and leak confidential information on an industrial scale. It is actually becoming more and more difficult to access the internet without stumbling across a conspiracy theory of some description.

Some of these conspiracy theories surround the deaths of famous celebrities or major companies covering up a wide variety of scandals. Just take a look at the UK press to see the conspiracy theories surrounding Jimmy Savile and the BBC.

There are of course conspiracy theories that surround what is commonly referred to as the New World Order. Many of these conspiracy theories claim that our governments are run by a secret elite organisation designed to control us and manipulate us. Heck, there are even theories out there claiming that events such as September 11, 2001 were the work of the US government.

Whether or not you believe these theories or not it is impossible to deny that there is chance in everything. That means there is a chance, regardless of how small, that these wild theories are based upon some form of truth. As time goes by we are indeed learning that our own government was involved in some pretty scary coverups and acts of manipulation over the years. During the second world war I’m sure that the majority of German’s had no idea of the true horrors that their government was involved in.

Is it not possible that we are blissfully unaware of the true reality of what our leaders are up to? What is to say that 100 years from now evidence will begin to leak out proving that all the conspiracy theories were correct all along?

Yes, it is unlikely but it is possible and if it is possible and it is true the apocalypse is very much real and very much just around the corner.

6 Body Parts We All Have But Actually Don´t Need


This may be very hard to believe but the human body, your body, has at least 24 parts that it really doesn’t need. You may well ask why we have so many body parts that are no use whatsoever and the simple answer to that is that they are nothing more than left over bits from the early stages of our evolution. At one point these useless spare parts probably served a vital role in our existence but nowadays we do not need them.

Sooner or later these spare parts will probably disappear completely and the only reminder of them will be in the history books and further proof that Mr Charles Darwin was indeed correct with hs theory of evolution.

Here is a quick look at the most well known useless body parts that we all happen to be carrying around in the strange hope that it might suddenly become useful again.

1 – Appendix

The human race has changes quite a bit since we first began walking the planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. Not just in the way we look but the way in which we live as well. It is thought that the appendix once played a vitally important role in the digestion process of raw plants which would have been a large part of our diet back in the day.

Nowadays we don’t go around eating raw plants that we find growing in the wild so it is now believed that the appendix is no longer needed. Just because you happen to have an appendix does not mean that you can go around eating plants you find in your garden because over thousands of years of evolution your appendix no longer functions the way it did one hundred thousand years ago when cavewomen looked like Raquel Welch and wore furry bikini’s.

Some scientist have the believe that the appendix might still help us fight disease but there is no concrete evidence of this. Many people have their appendix removed when and if it becomes infected.

2 – A Small Tail

Everyone has heard someone refer to someone going home with their tail between their legs. Of course no one actually believes that anyone would actually putting a real tail between their legs bt the existence of a very small tail bone, present in all humans, is indeed proof that we all once had a tail.

This may sound totally ludicrous but at the bottom of your spine there is definitely a very small bone there which is indeed the tiny remains of a tail which, over millions of years, has shrank and disappeared most probably as we began to walk on two legs and stand up straight.

It is thought that the remaining, and very tiny, little tail bone that we all have still aids us slightly when we are sitting down or standing up but other than that it is totally useless and if it was removed we would never know.

3 – Tonsils

The tonsils are actually used by the human body in the battle to fight diseases and infections that attack our throats As they fight such infections the tonsils become red, inflamed and hurt like you’ve just jumped off the Empire State Building and landed on a bicycle with no seat.

Certain people find that their tonsils hurt a lot and very often so they have them removed in childhood. In fact the tonsils are the most removed organ in the human body. Nowadays we have special drugs and antibiotics that help control tonsil problems so they are not as commonly removed. The fact that they can be removed with no side effects clearly shows that the tonsils are actually a pretty pointless organ.

4 – Goose Bumps

We’ve all, at one time or another, had the goose bumps. They usually happen when we get either cold or scared and are a left over result of when the human race was covered in fur. What the goose bumps are is your body’s way of trying to create a thicker layer of hair which would keep the heat from escaping your body.

As we have developed and started to wear animal skins and clothes we have slowly evolved in to hairless animals. It is not known why we no longer have fur but still get goose bumps but it can only be assumed that as time goes on we will lose the goose bumps as well.

5 – Wisdom Teeth

What is strange about wisdom teeth is that most people usually have four wisdom teeth while other people have none whatsoever. According to people who specialise in the process of evolution we have started to lose our wisdom teeth because we no longer have any need for them.

There are lots of people out there who actually have their wisdom teeth removed because they cause all kinds of severe problems and pain.

Once upon a time wisdom teeth were useful to us because our jaws were once much bigger and much of our diet was plant based and plants obviously take a lot of chewing. Nowadays they are just in the way and remind us that we are getting old.

6 – Ears That Move

For some really strange reason there are people who have the ability to move their ears up and dan using only the power of their ear muscles. There are some strange people out there who seem to think this is a skill that can actually be used, you have to ask why anyone would spend time learning this useless skill, and they are very much correct.

Each and everyone of us processes ear muscles which we need to perform the ear moving technique that most guys have, at some point or another, used to try and unsuccessfully impress women in a bar. All it takes is a few hours, maybe days, worth of practice and you will be good to go.

The reason we have this seemingly pointless ability dates back to when we used to hunt our prey and required the ability to move our ears to hone in on various sounds as we moved around. Since we no longer hunt our prey we no longer have the need to move our ears and therefore the muscles required to do this are pointless.

5 Most Easily Avoided Deaths In Movie History

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For some strange reason no movie seems to be complete unless it features at least one death during its duration. Sometime a death in a movie will be justified as the deceased will be the villain and sometimes the death will be extraordinarily sad because the deceased happens to be the hero of the movie.

What is somewhat alarming, in more movies than you probably realise, is that many deaths that occur in movies are totally avoidable and totally unnecessary. It’s as if the people behind writing movies just throw in some deaths for the sake of it.

I Am Legend

The Death

At the end of this film, which is a rather good movie I might add, we see Robert Neville (Will Smith) and his two companions trapped in his lab with no way out. It is just a matter of time before the infected zombies outside the lab break in and kill all three characters so Robert Neville does the honourable thing and makes sure his companions, a woman and child, is safe before he launches his finally explosive attack on the infected zombies wiping them and himself off the face of the earth.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

For those of you who have not watched this movie let me fill in the blanks for you. Basically Robert Neville and his to companions are trapped in his basement which also happens to be his science lab. His science lab is divided in to two sections, the infected zombies are in one section and he is trapped in the other section. The two sections are divided by some pretty thick glass which is about to crack. Robert Neville makes sure that his companions are safe in a little cupboard in the corner of his lab and then he pulls the pin out of a grenade and throws himself at the dividing glass just before it cracks and the infected zombies come crashing through.

Not that I am one to be a stick in the mud but you really do have to wonder how big this cupboard where the companions of Robert Neville hide and survive the grenade blast is. Surely there is enough room for one more person even if it means it is a little bit cramped for a few seconds.

Anyone who sees this movie surely has to ask why Dr Neville, a highly educated man, could not work out that a grenade would do the same damage begin thrown at the glass over remaining in a persons hand as they jump at the glass.

Sure, if a guy is holding on to a grenade and jumps at the dividing glass the viewer is treated to a somewhat heroic storyline but was this death really necessary. Could Dr Neville not just have rolled a grenade or two in the direction of the glass and hid along side his two companions? Personally, I think he could have hid alongside them quite nicely and the movie would have moved along just the same just without the whole sacrificed hero thing going on.



Unless you happen to have spent the last decade or so hiding on the moon you will surely have witnessed the supposed cinematic treat that is known as Titanic.

The entire movie is enough to make even the hardest of hard men cry like they are being forced to listen to a Justin Bieber discography especially one of the final scenes.

The Death

As the two main characters of the entire film realise that the unsinkable ship they once were aboard has vanished and isn’t coming back Jack, the male hero lets Rose, his love interest climb upon a floating wooden door where she lies in wait of the lifeboats and he freezes to death in the cold sea water.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

When you watch this movie, and I’m sure you have, you really have to ask questions as to why Jack remains in the water. The aerial shot of Rose lying on the big wooden floating door clearly shows that there is enough room for at least one elegant on there or at least four really large inflatable penguins. Would it have been out of the question for her to let Jack climb on board as well so he wasn’t so cold? Or did she really need all of that space just so she was comfortable and could chill out a little while 1500 other poor should perished in the icy waters.

It’s not just the space that Rose feels the strange urge to take up with her fat ass on the wooden door that makes the death of Jack totally unavoidable. Surely between Jack and Rose they have at least two or three brain cells that could be rubbed together. Surely between them they could have came up with some story, cunning in it’s own right, that would have convinced Rose’s fiancee to pay for them both to gain passage on one of the lifeboats. Why couldn’t Rose tell her husband to be that all was forgiven as long as he paid to save Jack as well. Once they were both on dry land she could have then done what she wanted.

I know they say that love is blind but this is totally ridiculous. Does love really make you so blind that you suddenly become totally unable to see the obvious solution to each and every problem?

Pulp Fiction


Pulp Fiction is arguably one of the best movies that Quentin Tarantino has ever made. With it’s razor sharp dialogue, gritty storyline and cool as ice characters this movie takes things to a whole new level. This combined with enough violence to make The Texas Chainsaw Massacre look like a Disney movie there is certainly plenty of unnecessary death to look at here.

The Death

One of the most memorable deaths in the Pulp Fiction movie is the death of Marvin, the balk guy that Vince and Jules take hostage having retrieved the mysterious briefcase from Brett. Vince and Jules argue between themselves about religion and what Jules believes is blind intervention.

Vince, unable to get his point across to Jules turns to the backseat of the car where Marvin is sitting and asks what his views on the subject are. Marvin nervously tells Jules that he has no pinion on the subject and as Vince begins his sentence to tell him that he must have an opinion his gun accidentally fires blowing Marvin’s head apart and all over the insides of the car not to mention Vince and Jules.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

One of the most common thing that is found in any Quentin Tarantino movie is characters holding a gun and John Travolta’s character, Vince, is no exception in this case. Having said that you really have to wonder just how familiar this guy is with a gun. It can only be assumed that he knows his way around a gun because he is, after all, a hit man. This leads to the obvious question as to why he would be waving a gun around and pointing it at people in the first place. What is more why on earth would he be waving a loaded gun around and pointing it at people with his finger on the trigger especially if the trigger of the gun was as sensitive as it appears to be.

Consider this. Vince and Jules shoot poor old Brent dead while still in the apartment building and then presumably leave along with Marvin and jump into their car and drive away. Surely two experienced hit men would put their guns away (there is the small matter of them both firing their guns till they were empty) so they would not attract unwanted attention to any potential witnesses as they walked to their car. This means that Vince has had to reload his gun in the car and then start waving it around like a laser pointer. Surely just a little bit of common sense could have been applied here and Vince could have left his lethal toy in it’s holster and refrained from pointing it at poor Marvin.

Of course this would have meant that the movie would have been at least half an hour shorter so one can only assume poor Marvin died for nothing more than a little bit of a story filler.


Candyman is a horror movie which plays on a popular legend (there or several variations of the name) which is often past around high school children. Basically the legend says that if you were to stand in front of a mirror looking at yourself and say the name Candyman five times then he will appear behind you breathing down your neck and then kill you with the rusty hook which is in the place of his hand.

The Death

There are several deaths that occur throughout this movie and the majority of them are a direct result of someone standing in front of a mirror and saying the name Candyman five times. There is the girl who is babysitting at the start of the movie then a couple of others, one of the being the main character, who decide its a good idea to say the Candyman’s name five times in front of the mirror only for the obvious to happen.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

Anyone who hears the legend of Candyman knows fine well that the story states if the name Candyman is repeated five times in front of a mirror then he will appear behind you and kill you. Sure, it is plausible that a couple of people may well die showing off for their friends or tempting fate but surely anyone with a little bit of common sense would realise that there must be some truth in this legend. Especially if the media is reporting all of these deaths.

There is the obvious argument that everyone will think that someone in the real word is responsible for these murders but in nearly every case there is a living witness left to tell the tale. Even the babysitter at the start of the movie who is slaughtered leaves her sexually frustrated boyfriend downstairs so surely he would have told police that they were playing the Candyman game. How many times would the police, or anyone for that matter, need to hear the same game was being played at each murder scene to start thinking something supernatural was at work?

The bottom line here is each and every death in the Candyman movie is easily avoidable simply by not saying his name five times in the mirror. I don’t know about any of you but surely if there is even the slightest chance you would end up being ripped apart by a certain action then you would not do it. Call me old fashioned but this is not rocket science. Don’t say Candyman in front of the mirror five times and you avoid being killed.


Heat is somewhat of an epic crime movie staring heavyweight acting legends Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. The movie revolves around a group of bank robbers (led by DeNiro’s character, Neil) and the cop hot on their tale played by Pacino.

The Death

In the final scene of the movie Pacino chases DeNiro from a hotel, through some fields, around the grounds of an airport, before a final shoot out at the bottom end of the airport runway. The end result is that Pacino’ character manages to shoot first and kills DeNiro’s character dead.

Why The Death Was Easily Avoidable

This is one movie death that could have been easily avoided had it not been for stupid decisions and pride.

The death occurs in the final scenes of the movie and is only made possible because DeNiro’s character simply could just not let things go. We see DeNiro in his car driving away into the sunset with the woman he loves. There are no police on his tail and he has escaped with what we assume to be enough money to live a very comfortable life till the day he dies of natural causes. All he has to do is keep on driving and that would be that.

Of course DeNiro decides that he just cannot let a grudge that he is holding against a former colleague go and decides to travel to the hotel where he is hiding out, under the watchful eye of the police I might add, intent on killing him and kill him he does. As you can imagine the police who are staking out the guy DeNiro kills are quickly on his tail which results in DeNiro ultimately been shot dead.

The big motto that DeNiro’s character lives by in the movie is that you should never have anything in your life that you cannot walk out on in a single second should you feel the heat (police) coming around the corner. You really do have to ask why would a guy who is a seasoned career criminal take such a stupid risk for the sake of a grudge against someone. Even if he could not let the disagreement go it would have made more sense to disappear into the sunset for a few years, wait until the dust settled then come back and kill the guy.

Once again we have a death that could quite easily have been avoided if only the character had not spent the entire movie living with concrete dedication to his rules only to throw it all away with a stupid choice made during a car ride to freedom.

4 Totally Inappropriate Relationships in Famous Movies

I don’t know how many people reading this have ever noticed but when it comes to popular movies, especially classic blockbusting movies, what is totally unacceptable in the real world suddenly become totally normal.

Everyone knows that your average movie has a tendency to glorify violence in a totally unrealistic manner but what is much more worrying than violence in movies is the way Hollywood has a uncanny way of glorifying even the most immoral of situations. Just take a moment to think about the romantic relationships that we see in nearly every movie we watch. In lots of these cases there are people who out there who quite literally long for the type of relationships that are seen in these movies despite the fact they are immoral and just plain wrong.

Dirty Dancing

Most people look on Dirty Dancing as on of the greatest chick flicks ever made. The story tells of

Frances “Baby” Houseman who, during a family vacation in 1963, develops a crush on Johnny Castle who is the holiday resorts dance instructor. As the movie goes on Johnny teaches Baby how to dance and the pair inevitably fall in love. The whole story seems harmless enough and what can be so bad about a movie focusing on a holiday romance?

Why The Relationship is Wrong

Any woman who has engaged in a holiday romance, especially younger women, will tell you that the best thing about the entire relationship is the excitement and the fast pace of things because both parties realise that their time together is limited. During that time it is common for the woman in the relationship to feel special, loved and excited.

This is all well and good but not if you happen to be the much lust after Johnny Castle. Not only does he spend every summer seducing innocent girls who visit the holiday resort he quite obviously treats them like mere sex objects to satisfy his every fantasy. Oh, and on top of that there is the small matter that Johnny Castle happens to be a statutory rapist. It might not be blatantly obvious to the average viewer but Johnny Castle is a 25 year old man and Baby is a mere 16 years old. That is definitely illegal anywhere I can think of and is most certainly illegal in the state of New York where the movie is set.

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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman, released back in 1990, is the hugely successful movie where Richard Gere, a multi-millionaire, picks up Julia Roberts, a working girl, and takes her back to his room at the posh Regent Beverly Wiltshire. To make the whole thing sound a lot less sleazy than it sounds he actually meets Julia Roberts character when he stops to ask for directions. She offers to direct him in return for a lift. One thing leads to another once they get back to the hotel and he asks her to be his date for the week. The unlikely pair fall in love and live happily ever after which makes Pretty Woman a sort of modern day Cinderella type of tale.

Why The Relationship is Wrong

There is a lot that could be said about this movie, the plot and the relationship itself but let us lead with the most obvious of things that no one who sees this movie seems to notice. I’m sure that many people who are reading this will not have been to Los Angeles nor will they have walked up Sunset Boulevard at night which is where our leading man picks up his hooker. Because of this fact I will have to set the scene a little just so you get the idea of what I am talking about.

Image the rough area of your town where the low lives hang out and people with addiction troubles tend to loiter. Every town, big or small, has such an area and for Los Angeles the area where Julia and Richard meet is that area. What this means is Julia Roberts character is most likely a very rough looking, drug addicted and desperate young woman. Sure, her character has been glamourised for the sake of a Hollywood blockbuster but lets face facts here, the majority of women working that area of Los Angeles are anything but glamorous and are mod certainly not as well spoken as Julia Roberts character. Put simply what this movie is trying to imply is that Richard Gere, a successful and very rich man, would think nothing of picking up a low class working girl with a potential drug problem. On top of that he would then take her to business meetings, introduce her to his friends and fall helplessly in love with her and, not for one single second, consider the fact this woman wanted to be with him for his money.

Yeah, okay, Hollywood. Whatever you say.

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Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire is, thankfully, the first movie on our list that is not a blatant chick flick. The story tells the tale of Jerry Maguire, a sports agent who is down on his luck. Jerry is fired from his job as a successful sports agent following the release of his memo (sorry, mission statement) and decides to set up his own company with his one remaining client and his long suffering secretary, Dorothy.

As the plot unfolds, Jerry struggles to hold things together and develops a relationship with, not only Dorothy, but her young son. Jerry is that down on his luck even the relationship struggles. I’ll not say any more in the fear that it would spoil the movie for anyone who happens to have been living on the moon for the past 40 year.

Why The Relationship is Wrong

This movie and it’s relationship takes a little more examining to spot what is so obviously wrong. Initially you will probably jump to the obvious conclusion that Jerry Maguire is using the poor Dorothy just so he doesn’t feel alone so in effect he is leading her on. In fact this very point is poked at throughout the movie and even results in the couple separation.

Things would not be all that bad if this was the only thing wrong with the relationship in this movie. I’m not saying what Jerry does is wrong I’m merely saying that this sort of thing happens each nd every day throughout the world.

What is wrong with the relationship is the way that Jerry Maguire goes about getting Dorothy into his boudoir in the first place. Jerry doesn’t work the usual Hollywood leading man magic what Jerry does is create a relationship with Dorothy’s young son in order to get Dorothy to let her guard down and sleep with him on the very first date. You could well argue that Jerry was not fully aware of what he was doing but it is pointed out to him several times throughout the movie so he is very much aware that he is using a young boy and his emotions for his own sexual gain.

It might just be me but I think that is totally wrong in any way, shape or form. Having said all of that you do have to ask what type of mother Dorothy is to introduce her young son, who has quite obviously only recently lost his natural father, to a guy on the first date.

Questionable morals and parenting to say the very least.

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Titanic is James Cameron’s epic love story set against the back drop of the famous Titanic disaster. The story tells the tale of Jack who is a young adventurer who wins a ticket aboard the ill-fated ship and on the journey he meets Rose. Rose is a young woman from a wealthy background who is engaged to a wealthy business man. As even the dumbest people could guess the pair, from the opposite sides of society and wealth fall helplessly in love blissfully unaware of the tragedy that is about to unfold.

Why The Relationship is Wrong

The obvious thing that everyone who sees the movie picks fault with is the fact that there was quite easily enough room on the floating door to save both Jack and Rose and that Jack’s death was easily avoidable. This does make one wonder how much Rose really loved Jack in the first place but that is not why this relationship is wrong in every way.

First up there is the small fact that Jack spends the movie making the most of every chance to hit on and take advantage of a young woman who is so depressed that she tries to commit suicide. There is nothing quite like taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable woman now is there?

Then there is the fact that Rose is not only in a relationship with another man she is actually engaged to be married to him. What type of man hits on a nearly married woman and more importantly what type of woman is Rose to cheat on her soon-to-be husband? Let us not forget that the man Rose is engaged to marry is very wealthy and provides her with a lavish lifestyle (travelling first class on the Titanic was not cheap) but Rose is such a spoilt ungrateful woman that this is not good enough for her. You might argue with what I am saying here but there is no getting away form the fact Rose is certainly selfish and spoilt, just jump forward to the selfish act where Rose chills out on the door and lets poor Jack freeze to death in the water. Maybe Rose just wants a chance to gain a few stories so she can, in the future, tell the other rich wives stories when she went slumming it once with a guy who had no money.

If all of that is not enough consider the fact that the movie is set in 1912. Forgive me if I am wrong here but it was my understanding that standards and morals have changed somewhat since those days. The point I am making here is that back then sex before marriage was considered to be totally unacceptable. Says a lot about Rose and her intentions if you ask me.

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4 Totally Inappropriate Messages Hidden In Disney Movies


For most of us the very word ‘Disney’ fills our imaginations with pictures of that joyful and ridiculously expensive theme park we all dreamt of visiting as kids or any number of hugely successful animated motion pictures that are as timeless today as they were whenever they happened to be produced.

Sure, Bambi’s mother gets killed and the king gets trampled to death in The Lion King but it is hard not to think of Disney animations and not get the rumblings of that feel good factor that we all believe Disney movies are supposed to be about.

Well, like most things in life, there is always two sides to each and every story and with just a slightly closer look you might be shocked to learn of the hidden meaning and messages that are behind some of the most popular Disney animations ever created. So shocked that you might think twice about letting your own kids grow up using the movies of Disney to educate them on some very important life lessons.

The Little Mermaid


Disney’s The Little Mermaid tells the wonderful story of Princess Ariel, a mermaid who longs for nothing more other than the chance to venture on to dry land, a place she has long been curious about, all because she is dissatisfied with her life as a princess under the waves of the ocean.

Despite the many warnings from her father, the king of the ocean, Ariel ventures to the surface of the ocean where she meets Prince Eric who she instantly falls madly and deeply in love with. From here on, despite a few twists and obvious plot turns, Princess Ariel stops at nothing to find a way to be with Prince Eric and live happily ever after.

The Inappropriate Message

One thing The Little Mermaid is not short of is inappropriate messages that are being delivered to your kids. First up there is the very real fact that Princess Ariel is a spoilt and selfish little girl who goes out of her way to disobey her fathers wishes. Here we have a girl who quite literally has the of riley, she is a princess and her father is the king after all, where every single one of her desires is met and satisfied with little more than a blink of an eye yet she still wants more. The message that your young and impressionable kids get here is that nothing should ever be good enough and that it is okay to go against the wishes of your parents as long as its something you really, really want.

Of course this is not the most worrying of messages that children receive from watching The Little Mermaid. The really inappropriate message in this Disney movie is delivered behind the disguise of Princess Ariel’s love from Prince Eric. The big problem that Ariel faces in her quest to be with Eric, a man she has only met the once I might add, is that she is a mermaid and lacks a set of legs. Something that is quite useful when it comes to living on dry land. Yes , you guessed it, the film quickly becomes a tale which follows Ariel’s desire to change herself at all costs even if that means going against her father’s wishes and turning her back on everything she knows in life. The point here is that little girls everywhere watch this movie and come away thinking that it is normal and acceptable for a woman to change everything she is and knows for the sake of a man. In this case Ariel is changing for a man she doesn’t even know having only met him once or twice.

Way to go Disney and thank you so much for teaching young girls that they really mean nothing in life and that all they aspire to is serving a man even if it means turning your back on who you are.

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The story of Cinderella existed long before Disney worked their magic on the tale. The story follows Cinderella who spends her life waiting on her ugly sisters who treat her like garbage. All that Cinderella wants from life is a chance to goto the ball but her ugly sisters keep her at home where she continues to take abuse and is expected to serve them.

Luckily for Cinderella she has a fairy godmother who grants her the wish of going to the ball in wonderful carriage and ball gown where she meets the prince of her dreams. Just before midnight cinderella is forced to flee the ball before her wish runs out and her gown turns back in to the rags she wears in her daily life. In her haste to get away Cinderella loses her shoe which the prince finds and uses in his quest to find the woman he has fallen madly and instantly in love with. The rest of the story sees the prince trying the lost shoe on the feet of any woman he can find with the belief that it will only fit the woman he met at the ball.

The Inappropriate Message

The story of Cinderella delivers some pretty shocking ideas into the lives of the kids who watch or even hear this story. First up take a look at poor Cinderella herself. Sure, her life is somewhat sad, she lives as a kind of prisoner who is held captive by her sisters so that they don’t have to lift a finger. All that poor Cinderella wants is for someone to see her and love her for what and who she is. One might argue that Cinderella is actually lucky to get the chance to wear her fine gown and attend the ball but unfortunately for Cinderella when the handsome prince turns up at the door with the lost shoe in his hand he fails to recognise Cinderella as the love of his life.

The inappropriate message here is Disney is basically telling young kids that a makeover is everything in life. Girls are faced with the message that no man will love her or find her beautiful unless she has that all important make over and young boys are given the impression that a woman is only worth looking at if she is all dolled up.

Of course what is even more worrying here is that the handsome prince fails to recognise the woman he supposedly loves. What type of man is this prince that the only way he can recognise a woman that he supposedly loves is by slipping a shoe on to her foot. Now that is worrying when you think about the type of hero Disney seems to be happy put in front of our kids. So much for young girls being told that a man should love them for who they are.

Oh, and let us not forget the ugly sisters who go as far as to cut of their own toes in the hope of fitting their foot in to a shoe and bagging themselves a prince. If I didn’t know better I would say that Disney is telling kids that it is okay to stop at nothing when it comes to trying to get ahead in life even if it requires shitting on those most dear to yourself or any other cost.

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Beauty and the Beast


At first glance it is hard not to fall in love with the story of Beauty and the Beast, a movie which tells the tale of Belle who winds up stuck in a huge castle with the castles owner and his servant who have all been magically turned into clocks, mops and other household items. It is not just the servants who are having a bad time the castle owner is also suffering because of a curse that has been placed upon him making him into a horrific looking beast who everyone, especially the nearby townsfolk, are completely terrified of.

The only way that the beast can break the curse is if he manages to have someone fall genuinely in love with him despite his horrific appearance. As a side story to the movie viewers see that the local stud has his heart set on Belle and despite every woman in the local town desperate for his attention Belle is completely uninterested with him.

The Inappropriate Message

There is a lot going on in Beauty and the Beast to pick fault with when you take a look at the movie. To start with you get the very real feeling that the movie is giving the impression to youngsters that once a man has his sights set on a woman there is little she can do to escape his lust even if she has no interest in him.

This of course is quickly followed up with a hidden message behind the relationship of Belle and the Beast. During the movie the beast does some pretty horrific things. He holds Belle against her will which, correct me if I’m wrong here, is something the law considers to be kidnapping and false imprisonment. In the real and grown up world it is somewhat hard to imagine any woman forgiven this type of behaviour and this is even before I remind you of the horrific temper that the beast displays at various points throughout the movie.

It might take a bit of digging for you to get where I’m coming form on this one but it would come as no surprise to me that the one thing kids take form this movie is that kidnapping, false imprisonment and violent tempers are all okay as long as you have money. Let us not forget that the beast does indeed live in a huge castle and is actually a prince. If I didn’t know any better I would say that Disney is trying its best to prepare young girls to accept their fate as Hugh Heffner’s next wife.

Once again you really have to scratch your head and wonder why a studio such as Disney seems to be going out of its way to give the immersion that it is morally okay to marry a man for his money and to put up with all kinds of inappropriate behaviour just because he can buy you designer shoes.

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White could arguably be one of Disney’s most famous animations. As we all know Snow White disappears into the woods to get away from her evil step-mother who happens to be the jealous queen and winds up living with and looking after seven dwarfs who she meets in the woods.

The twist in the story comes because the evil and jealous queen has a magic mirror that truthfully answers any question the queen happens to ask it. When the queen asks the mirror who is the fairest of them all the mirror obviously replies with Snow White’s name which tells the queen that Snow White is not dead and sets the wheels in motion for the queen to try and kill Snow White once and for all. Just your typical type of everyday family shenanigans except for the bit where Snow White eats the poisoned apple which sends her into the deep sleep from which she cannot wake unless she receive a kiss from a handsome prince. As you already know the handsome prince shows up just in time to plant the lips on our heroine and break the spell.

The Inappropriate Message

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the type of film that could quite easily have your average feminist turning in her grave. Snow White might be the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world, the very reason the queen hates her, but this just adds insult to injury when you finally see the hidden and inappropriate message this movie is hiding in plain view.

Think about the character of Snow White and every situation that she finds herself in throughout this story. Firstly you have her living in a cabin in the woods with seven guys and waiting on them hand and foot. She does all of their laundry, cooks and cleans for them. Personally, I cannot help but wonder what else she might be providing them with had this not been a movie aimed at children, Sure, they might all be dwarfs but that doesn’t mean they don’t have needs if you catch my drift. The hidden message here is, in a very sly fashion I might add, that women are only useful for a handful of things in this world and in this case that is performing meanly household tasks.

Any doubt regarding what I am suggesting here certainly has to be cancelled out when you take a second look at the end part of the movie. Snow White is in a deep sleep which she cannot wake unless she receives a kiss from a prince who is obviously a man. Yes, that is right, once again young girls are being given the message that anything they want to do in life is only possible with the help of a man.

So there you have it kids. If you’re a girl you can aspire to cook and clean for the rest of your life and if you want to do anything other than that, well, that is only possible with the help of a man.

I don’t know about you but I think Disney really has a lot to answer for with reference to the lessons they are teaching our kids.

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3 Movies Made Possible By Ridiculous Decisions of Sandra Bullock


Just one look at Sandra Bullock makes it very easy to see why she has a successful career as an actress. There is certainly no denying that she is a very beautiful woman with an unexplainable aura that make her very likeable. Maybe her success is down to the over active imaginations of millions of men with way to much time on their hands or maybe it is all down to ridiculously awesome acting talents and the huge variety of acting roles that she has attempted over the years. How could anyone possibly deny the versatility and depth that would have been required to pull of roles such as Miss Congeniality or as a bus driver in Speed?

When you take into consideration the dedication that Sandra Bullock brings to roles such as Demolition Man where she was required to have cybersex with Rocky it is hard to imagine that many of her movies were only made possible by her own (or rather her characters) ridiculously bizarre, careless and stupid decisions.

The Net

Sandra Bullock plays Angela Bennett, a computer specialist who, after the worst vacation ever, finds that her entire life has been deleted from every computer system imaginable. Her limited interaction with anyone in the real world means that no one can verify who she actually is and to make matters even worse she has a group of cyberterrorist’s chasing after her determined to silence her and make sure no one uncovers their plot to gain access to every computer system from the FBI to the Home Shopping Network.

The very reason that Angela Bennett crosses paths with cyberterrorist’s is because she ends up with a floppy disc in her procession which she even takes on holiday with her. While on holiday she conveniently bumps into Jack Devlin who arranges a fake mugging to steal the floppy disk and then goes about seducing her on his fancy speedboat. Following the worst sex scene in history Bennett discovers Jack Devlin’s gun and confronts him about it which results in a little bit of a scuffle and a wine bottle to the side of Devlin’s head which renders him unconscious.

It is at this point the rest of the movie could have quite easily been avoided. Bennett, while fumbling around with the boats controls, discovers the floppy disc that was supposedly stolen in the mugging. Any normal person, especially someone who was in such fear for their life, would surely realise that something was pretty messed up and take any measures necessary to escape alive. In Angela Bennett’s case she decides that the best way to avoid near certain death is to dance around like she is about to wet herself then jump into the worlds most powerful inflatable dinghy and head off at speed towards a group of dangerous looking rocks that could have quite easily sunk the Titanic. She then wakes up in a foreign hospital with her whole life wiped and a group of dangerous terrorists on her ass.

Surely anyone their right mind would have simply taken the opportunity to either tip the unconscious cyberterrorist who had just attacked them into the water or at least make an effort to tie him up.

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While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is one of Sandra Bullock’s earlier movies that she made while riding the wave of success following her bus driving role in Speed. The story starts by showing Lucy (Sandra Bullock) as a lonely Chicago Transit Authority token collector who spends most of her time at work fantasising about a guy who she sees on his way to work everyday. Then on one faithful day the man she spends her days obsessing over is knocked on to the railway track and Lucy is there to save his life. The only problem is that, although her secret man crush survives the incident, he ends up in a coma with Lucy at his bedside. It is at this point that a nurse overhears Lucy make a remark about her fantasy to marry the man and decides to tell his family who all amazingly manage to turn up at the hospital together.

The remainder of the movie is spent with the loveable Lucy lying her ass off to the man’s family, falling in love with the man’s brother and even lying to the man himself when he wakes up from his coma. The yes get so out of hand that she even lets the man believe he is suffering from amnesia and lets him go about planning their wedding. Yes, Lucy is nothing more than a loveable, nice girl next door type who we can all empathise with and love.

It’s fair enough to say that the entire movie could have been avoided with a simple bit of honesty. Surely it would not be to hard to tell the guys family that she was not really the fiancee. Even if things were a little difficult at the hospital surely it would be easy enough to come clean at any one of the million other opportunities throughout the movie. Not for Lucy. For Lucy it is much easier to lie to a family in crisis just to satisfy her own selfish fantasies.

It is hard to decide whether this says something really bad about Hollywood, society or Sandra Bullock since she is the one who obviously chose to take on this role.

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The Proposal

The Proposal is yet another romantic comedy in a long list of Sandra Bullock romantic comedies that make you wish you could pull your leg off just so you have something to throw at the cinema screen. For this outing Sandra Bullock finds herself playing the part of Margaret Tate, a highly successful corporate publisher with a strong personality who treats everyone beneath her in the company like they are a pile of stinking dog poo that refuses to get out of the way of her shoe.

The whole plot of this movie revolves nicely around the fact that Margaret Tate happens to be Canadian, not that we can hold that against her, and is working in the good old US of A. That is right, you guessed it. This movie and its weak ass plot is based around the fact that the highly successful Miss Tate is having problems with US immigration and is about to get shipped back to the land of mounties and oversized moose. That of course means she will lose her job which she values more than anything else on the face of this earth. It is at this point we are introduced to Andrew Paxton played by Ryan Reynolds. The whole point of this character is to be bossed around by Sandra Bullock’s character and then become the man she decides she needs to marry in order to get a green card in order to stay in the country.

The obvious elephant in the room here is that we are expected to believe that a highly successful woman in the corporate world just like the woman played by Sandra Bullock was so short sighted that she simply forgot to keep the paperwork up to date that is required to keep her in the country. Is this really something that would happen in everyday real life? I think not. what is even more unbelievable is that a h woman who is as highly successful as this character would be so shallow as to even entertain the idea of marrying a guy just for the purpose of a green card. Of course this whole storyline fits well in with the old Hollywood cliche that seems to think that any woman who is successful in the workplace must have no relationships in her life and if she ever dreams of falling in love then she must sacrifice the very notion of a continued successful career.

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