10 of the Most Terrifying Things Kids Have Ever Said – Part 2

Anyone who has their own kids, works with kids or has been around kids will know that some of the things they come out with can be anywhere from hysterically funny to down right inappropriate. Of course we all understand that when children open their mouths they don’t always realise or understand what they are saying. It is this very reason that every now and then a kid will say something to you that is completely and utterly terrifying, creepy and soul chilling. Whether it is a premonition of the future or a question about some strange man standing behind you it is all to easy to feel a cold shiver slowly creep down your spine.

The good folk over at Reddit created a thread where they each reported on the creepiest thing that a child had ever said to them. This is the second in our serious of the most terrifying things a child has ever said and you can find another 10 here.

1 – A Terrifying Premonition

world trade centre towers

“I remember when we were younger I was on the playground with my little brother and halfway through a game of tag he just sat down and started screaming and sobbing. Once my mom got him calmed down enough he told us that, ‘The bad men are coming and they’re going to hurt a lot of people!’ and started crying again. He hid in his room for the rest of the day under the bed and asked us to stay with him so they couldn’t get us, either. It was September 10, 2001.”

2 – Daddy’s Not Dead Yet

daddy not dead

“I’m minding my own business working in the garage and the door creaks open, and my 2-year-old son pops his head out and says, ‘Daddy, you dead yet?’ ‘No…?’ Then he squints and slowly closes the door. For some reason my wife thought it was hilarious.”

3 – The Man with the Knife

man with knife

“When my son was about four or five we were in the toilet before his bedtime and he was brushing his teeth, and he dropped his toothbrush and I picked it up for him, and when my eyes met him he just stared at me and said, ‘Dad, why does that man have a knife?’ and pointed behind me. Quickest 180 I’ve ever done.”

4 – Not People


“My son is three and we were walking downtown. When we walked by the Scientology building he pointed to the stairs leading to the second floor and said, ‘Let’s go up there daddy.’ I said, ‘Why? What’s up there?’ He just looks up at me and says, ‘Not people.’ I said, ‘What?’ And he just says, ‘Not people daddy.’ I just kept with him and can’t stop thinking about what he meant by that.”

5 – I’m Not Lovin’ It


“My daughter, age two and a half: ‘I want to blow up McDonald’s.’ Me: ‘Geez baby, why?’ Her: ‘To watch the people run.”

6 – Boxed In

boxed in

“I passed out reading my 3-year-old niece a book at bedtime. Then, I woke up around 2:00 a.m. and sat up. It was dark and silent. There was a nightlight on that gave my nieces face a Rembrandt lighting effect. She had her eyes wide open looking at me and whispered, ‘How did you get out of your box?’”

7 – Doesn’t Play Well with Others


“I was babysitting my nephew one night and he comes up to me while I’m watching TV and says, ‘He doesn’t play nice.’ I ask him who, and then he just points into the dark hallway. ‘Hey, how about we wait for your mom outside?’”

8 – Signs of Murder

signs creepy kid

“My friend’s kid was taught baby sign language, and would do rough approximations of the actual sign. Once she was trying to tell a visiting friend of the family she wanted a bowl of cereal and made her sign for bowl. The woman turned to see the toddler looking up at her from the high chair, slowly drawing a finger across her throat.”

9 – Knowing the Real You

drawing of jail

“My 5-year-old son sent me a birthday card he’d prepared at school. On the front he had drawn a picture of me walking in a meadow beneath a blazing sun, green grass, butterflies and a big smile. Underneath it said, ‘How you see yourself.’ Inside he’d drawn a picture of me in a jail cell, gripping the bars and crying, under this it said, ‘How you really are.’”

10 – Planning Ahead

kid with sandwich

“My son was watching my wife make him a sandwich really intently. He was around four or five. She asked what he was doing, to which he replied, ‘I’m watching you make a sandwich.’ Insert short pause here. ‘So I know how to do it when you die.’”

10 of the Most Terrifying Things Kids Have Ever Said

Anyone who has their own kids, works with kids or has been around kids will know that some of the things they come out with can be anywhere from hysterically funny to down right inappropriate. Of course we all understand that when children open their mouths they don’t always realise or understand what they are saying. It is this very reason that every now and then a kid will say something to you that is completely and utterly terrifying, creepy and soul chilling. Whether it is a premonition of the future or a question about some strange man standing behind you it is all to easy to feel a cold shiver slowly creep down your spine.

The good folk over at Reddit created a thread where they each reported on the creepiest thing that a child had ever said to them. This is the first 10 and you can find another 10 here.

1 – The Monster Behind You


“’Go back to sleep, there isn’t anything under your bed.’ ‘He’s behind you now.’ Still haven’t gotten over that one and shiver at the memory.”

2 – Getting the Baby Out


“My noticeably pregnant sister and I were having a conversation at the dining room table. My 4-year-old son was also present and asked my sister if there was a baby in her belly. She affirmed. He, completely straight faced, slid from his chair and headed for the kitchen saying, ‘We need to get it out. I’ll go get the knife.’ I don’t even know…”

3 – Eating Your Heart

demon on cealing

“My daughter said to me that there is a woman who watches her watch movies in her room and sleeps on the ceiling above her bed when she sleeps. She also says it does not like me and wants to eat my heart. My kid watches Elmo and Dinosaur train. Where in the hell did she get this from?”

4 – The Baby Monster


“My 3-year-old daughter stood next to her newborn brother and looked at him for a while, then turned and looked at me and said, ‘Daddy it’s a monster…we should bury it.”

5 – The Snake Neck Man

snake neck

“While changing my daughter in front of the open closet door, she kept looking around me and laughing. I asked her what was so funny. She said, ‘The man.’ To which I replied, ‘What man?’ She then pointed at the closet and said, ‘the man with the snake neck.’ I turn around and nothing was there. I’m afraid to look into the history of my house to see if anyone hung themselves in the closet.”

6 – Black Circle Control

black cicles in eyes

“My 5-year-old son asked me last week, ‘What do you see through the black circles in my eyes when you’re controlling me when I’m at school?’”

7 – Sinus Deliciousness

A woman sneezing

“During my daughter’s sixth year, I had impacted sinuses. In one strenuous effort, a mass the size of a grape broke loose and hit the tissue with the sound straight out of a horror flick. I glanced at it to check for traces of brain matter and quickly refolded the tissue. My daughter asked if she could see it. I declined. She responded with, ‘I promise I won’t eat it.’ That is all.

8 – Loving Daddy Too Much

child asleep with daddy

“A friend of mine’s child told him, ‘Daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want.’”

9 – Master Cthulhu


“My son was about 3-years-old and was putting up his stuffed animals into a bin. He would pick each one up, say its name, and then into the toy bin it went. He picked up his bear and said ‘Bear’, then put it away, to his dog and say ‘Puppy’, and put it away. Then he picked up the stuffed Cthulhu one of my friends gave him, looked squarely at it, and said ‘Master’, then put it into the bin and went onto the next one.”

10 – Great Grandma Viola

ghost of grandma

“My mom told me that when I was about four or five I would sit and talk to an imaginary friend. When she asked who I was talking to, I said it was Viola and she was teaching me how to draw. My mom flipped out because Viola was my great grandmother and she was an artist. She died nearly 20 years before I was born.”

5 Laws That Everyone Thinks Are Okay To Break


When it comes to the laws of whatever land we live in we all know that those laws need to be adhered to and look down on those members of our society who break such laws. While we all know that some laws are a bit of a pain in the butt we know that they are supposedly put in place to protect us. After all without the fine letter of the law it would be perfectly acceptable for taxi drivers to whizz around the UK’s capital without a bail of hay in the boot. Imagine that. That would be madness.

We all accept that murder, theft and other such laws that should never be broken but there are plenty of laws out there that everyone seems to think are perfectly acceptable to break and should the authorities come knocking on your door you can be assured of a huge public outrage which would surely follow. I am talking about laws suck as:

1 – Breaking The Speed Limit


I think it is fair enough to say that pretty much anyone who drives a car has been at one time or another guilty of driving over the designated speed limit. This may be a genuine accident but at other times we know that we are driving a little to fast but we motor on regardless. 

We all know that in many automobile accidents the speed that a car is travelling plays a huge part and the faster a car is moving the more severe the consequences for all involved. This is particularly true when a car collides with a pedestrian as pedestrians have quite literally nothing around them to offer any form protection. Yes, it is a fact that we all know speed limits are put in place to protect us and others from the very real and serious consequences of driving with excessive speed. 

Despite us all being very aware of the risks of driving over the speed limit you can bet your very last penny that as soon as we are caught doing just that we are very quick to start complaining and that complaining nearly always attracts 100% support from friends, families and even strangers. Usually the first thing people will say is that the police should be out catching real criminals. Of course this is an easy statement to make especially if when it is someone else’s child who has been hit and killed by a speeding motorist. 

Another common occurrence especially in the UK seems to be that every time a new speed camera goes up the public and motoring groups start shouting that this is victimising motorists and is totally unfair. If you think about this ridiculous kind of statement logically then you will, or at least you should, realise just how ridiculous a statement this is. At the end of the day if you drive over the speed limit then you are breaking the law and speed cameras or any other form of speed control measure is there to enforce that law. Imagine if people were to say that DNA evidence was victimising rapists.

Like it or not the speed limit is a law and breaking that law can have fatal consequences.

2 – Recording From TV or Radio

recording remote

Over the years we have seen many advances in technology capable of recording media in one form or another. From the VHS video recorder to DVD burners and from audio cassette recorders to iPods there is no shortage of products on the market that are actually marketed for their ability to make copies of all forms of media.

The problem with this is simple. Anyone living in the modern world is well aware, thanks to bit torrents and websites like The Pirate Bay, of a legal matter we refer to as copyright. Just in case anyone happens to have been living on the moon for the past one hundred years that means it is illegal to make any kind of duplication of a copyrighted work without the written consent of the copyright holder. This means that you are breaking the law if you copy of your favourite CD for a friend or even make a spare copy for yourself to use in your car. 

Since it is illegal to make duplications of any copyrighted work it is indeed to make a copy of any program regardless if it happens to be transmitted into your home. There is a common myth that when it comes to recording television show to watch later where people seem to be under the assumption that the practice is okay as long as you only keep the recording for a few weeks. This is very much a misconception and if you ever have trouble sleeping and decide to read any copyright information that you can lay your hands on you will see that there is nothing there to say you can duplicate something as long as you only keep the copy for a few weeks.

When it comes to recording from the radio or television, even the internet nowadays, anyone who does so is breaking a copyright law of some description regardless of where they happen to be in the world and as we all know this is very much a law that everyone is happy to break and in most cases most people probably don’t even realise that they are breaking the law or the penalties for doing so.

To put that in perspective the doctor who was said to be responsible for killing Michael Jackson received a penalty of 4 years in prison. A person recording Michael Jackson’s songs from the radio, if prosecuted to the full extent of the law would receive 5 years in prison. Now that is what is known as justice gone mad.

3 – Connecting to an Insecure WiFi Network

insecure wifi hacker

So there you are somewhere other than your home and in desperate need of internet access in the form of a WiFi network. You head to the WiFi settings menu on your mobile cell phone and start searching for any WiFi networks that might be in your vicinity. It does not take long and you discover it might well be your lucky day not only does a WiFi network show in that is in range it also happens to be insecure meaning you can connect to it without having to guess any network keys and go about browsing the internet and checking your emails.

What you probably don’t realise here is that you are indeed breaking the law which is set in stone by something known as the Computer Misuse Act which clearly states that it is illegal to connect to and access any computer network that you do not have permission to use. Just because a network happens to be insecure makes no difference at all. Even if a computer network happens to be named ‘connect to me’ and is insecure if you do just that you are breaking the law and the consequences for doing so can easily find you having to pay a whopping fine or even serving time in prison. 

Like all the other laws on this list the fact that it is illegal to do so no one seems to be all that bothered should you illegally connect to someone else’s computer network. It is just one of those things that no one thinks about, knows about and even if they do they simply don’t give a damn.

4 – Singing Pop Songs In Public

singing in the mic

This law fits nicely into the previously mentioned law regarding copyrights. We are all guilty of walking around when we find ourselves humming, whistling even singing a pop song that just happens to be stuck in our head.  What no one seems to realise or even care about is that by doing this you are actually publicly performing a copyrighted works and that my friends is indeed illegal without the express permission of the copyright holder. 

Usually no one, not even the copyright holder, would care all that much if you walk around at work singing ‘It’s Raining Men’ unless you happen to be making money from doing so but if you were to be unfortunate enough to catch the attention of an awkward copyright holder you could find yourself in a whole heap of trouble along with a request to pay the copyright holder royalties. Technically that means every time you sing the chorus of Boney M’s Brown Girl in the Ring you would be required to pay a fee to whoever owns the rights. Even songs like ‘Happy Birthday’ are subject to this law and there is even a case of Warner Brothers (they own the rights to Happy Birthday) taking action against the song being performed without royalties being paid. 

Again, even now that you know there is a law prohibiting you form performing such popular classics in public no one really gives a monkeys and will continue to happily break the law even if it is just through force of habit.

5 – Spreading Gossip


We’re all guilty of enjoying catching up on the latest gossip whether or not that happens to be over the fence with your neighbour, in your local bar or over coffee with your friends. It really does not matter what the setting happens to be we all love a good bit of gossip. When you think about how much we all love gossip it is hardly any wonder that gossip magazines are such big business these days. 

Not only do we all love a little bit of gossip most of us cannot help add a little detail here and a little detail there. This is more than likely down to the fact that we all think we can make a story that little bit more exciting, scandalous or interesting. Before you know it that little bit of gossip about the woman down the street saying hello to the new newspaper boy has evolved into a full blown affair with the newspaper boy, neighbour down the street and the bank manager.

I think it is fair to say that whether it is a celebrity or someone we know we all find it perfectly acceptable to spread gossip adding those little bits here and there as we go. What most of us fail to realise is that a lot of the gossip we spread, especially the bits that are not strictly true, can place you on the wrong side of the law as you are very much guilty of making slanderous remarks. You need to look no further than social media networks such as Twitter to see such a law in action. The most recent example of this is remarks made about people in power being involved in the UK’s Jimmy Saville scandal and those people taking to the courts to protect their name. 

Regardless of the penalties there is little doubt that we will all continue to happily spread gossip adding our own little bits along the way.

The 4 Types of Susanna Reid Fan (who are actually crazy)


Before we even begin can I be the first to admit that I find Susanna Reid a remarkably sexy woman. I am, just like countless other guys up and down the land, always the first in line to turn on morning television and waste an hour or so watching her cross and uncross those magnificent legs while throughly enjoying her teasing shoe play and high heels. God help me should she flash her knickers. If that happens I am straight on to Facebook or Twitter with a supporting photo to tell anyone who cares to listen that Susanna Reid has just showed an inch more legs and sent my blood rushing from my head to a place that I probably shouldn’t speak of.

Is Susanna Reid a talented individual worthy of a contract worth one million British pounds a year? Well, not really. Not if you consider how many attractive 40 something year olds there are in the world and for Susanna Reid to describe herself as a journalist really makes you scratch your head in wonder. A television presenter with sexy legs and a high heel fetish, maybe. A serious journalist with enough talent to warrant even minimum wage… Well, no..

As you can probably imagine any woman who has risen to such heights based on her sex appeal is bound to attract a huge number of male fans and admirers up and down the country. That is fine and dandy but you really have to wonder if she actually realises that the majority of her fans fall in to one of several categories and each one of them is quite clearly insane.

Mr Stealth

If you were to pick any day at random and take to Twitter and perform a quick search for Susanna Reid you would quickly discover a huge number of her male fans desperately trying to initiate some sort of conversation with her. The stealth guy tries to do this by passing himself off as something he is clearly not. What this guy does is make every effort to initiate a conversation with Susanna based on some sort of common ground. The most recent attempt I seen along these lines was a guy who used his twitter account to ask Susanna which website he could use to sponsor her for her efforts in the London Marathon. This guy was actually lucky enough to get a response of the lovely lady herself who provided him with the information that he had requested and gave him a heart felt thank you for his support and his sponsorship.

You do realise that shes not a hooker?

You do realise that shes not a hooker?

Now, any sane person or regular fan would be satisfied with a direct response from their idol/crush but not this guy. This guy, Mr Stealth, simply had to take things that one step further and make him look like some kind of sex offender who insisted on walking the streets with a banner above his head advertising this fact. Mr Stealth actually followed up his personalised response from Susanna Reid with a tweet which read:- Thank you, Susanna. I will double my donation if you wear sheer tan coloured nylon stockings on tomorrows show.

It might be just me but this is clearly the tweeting actions of a crazy person. This is the equivalent of telling the young girl in Pizza Hut that you will double her tip if she lifts up her skirt a little. It’s not going to work on a waitress in Pizza Hut so it sure as hell is not going to work on Susanna Reid, MILF television presenter and knicker flasher extraordinaire.

The Lech

This guy loves to look at women and he really doesn’t care who knows it. Well, that is not strictly true because the lech will tend to use a pseudo identity to hide who he really is. After all the lech really doesn’t want his wife or his parents discovering about his obsession with celebrities like Susanna Reid who sit with their legs crossed.

Most people have worn out this frame of their video tapes

Most people have worn out this frame of their video tapes

In years gone by the lech would have been simply content with collecting photos that he had cut from magazines or sitting at home as a spotty teenager ready to hit the pause button on the VCR at the slightest hint of a little leg being shown. Even though that frozen video frame would probably be jumping all over the screen with lines all over the place there would have been little doubt that the one tiny section of video tape that showed Susanna Reid crossing her legs would be worn out in a matter of weeks.

Nowadays things have changed for the lech. No longer does he need to set his video timer for 6am to catch every second of Susanna Reid’s breakfast television show. Nowadays he can simply take to the internet where some helpful fellow lech will have already spent hours scanning through all newly available Susanna Reid footage and posted a detailed index of all the good bits complete with screen captured stills and a nicely edited video of those seductive Susanna Reid legs shots.

Since the sudden boom in technological advancements, particularly the internet, the lech does not stop simply at collecting ten second long clips of Susanna Reid showing off her legs. Nowadays the lech happily shares his Susanna library on social media but he also happily takes to the same social media to tell Susanna just how sexy he thinks she is. This isn’t a case of simply telling her that she is a beautiful woman nor is it a case of him telling her each and every detail of his inner most fantasies. What the lech insists on doing is telling the woman about how sexy he finds it when she crosses her legs, asks her to wear certain clothes and tells her what he thinks of the outfits she happens to wear.
Once again this might just be me being old fashioned but I can’t imagine that telling a woman in your office that you enjoy watching her cross her legs is going to get you very far so why the lech thinks he is going to get anywhere telling Susanna Reid that he likes her long smooth legs would get him anywhere is beyond me.

The Nice Guy

The nice guy Susanna Reid fan is very likely similar to the lech in many ways. He very likely spends much of his time hid away in private looking at his huge collection of Susanna Reid images and video files but he is highly unlikely to share this fact with anyone nor is he very likely to be sharing any of his huge collection of Susanna Reid media with anyone else.

Nearly every Susanna Reid has a Terabyte of Susanna Reid media

Nearly every Susanna Reid has a Terabyte of Susanna Reid media

The one thing that makes the nice guy Susanna Reid fan stand out in a crowd is that for some really strange and bizarre reason he seems to honestly think and genuinely believe that he stand some kind of chance at a real relationship with Susanna Reid. he happily takes to Twitter to tell her how talented she is, how wonderfully she danced on that reality dancing show the night before and how he thinks her news report on Russian basket weaving happens to be the most inspirational and world changing news report he has ever seen.

God help us if Susanna tells the nice guy that he is ever so sweet because that will send him swiftly back to his Susanna Reid media library for a quick private five minutes before returning to Twitter to tell her something else he love about her or how well she performed in the Great North Run.

You can even find the nice guy Susanna Reid fan on eBays website messaging sellers of Susanna Reid photos that they are out of line and terrible human beings for trying to make money from such a beautiful and talented woman.

That report on Russian basket weaving really must have been something earth moving.

The Woman

The female Susanna Reid is actually the only Susanna Reid fan on our list. Unlike most others on our list the female Susanna Reid is probably not a fan merely out of sexual attraction but more because one of the most important things in her life being reality television shows.

A Natural form of Viagra

A Natural form of Viagra

The female Susanna Reid fan is your typical bored British housewife who is easily detracted from the real issues in the world by the ever increasing presence of reality television. As any loyal Susanna Reid fan knows she recently appeared on the reality television show – Strictly Come Dancing – and very nearly won the show. While Susanna did not win the show she did win a huge following of new fans who look on her just the way she claims she wants her fans to look upon her – as a bright bit of sunshine in the mornings. All we can say is that if the rumours of her one million pounds a year salary are to be believed that is one expensive ray of sunshine and that is exactly what makes the female Susanna Reid fan insane. They actually believe she is worth every penny.

7 Stupid Ways People Have Accidentally Killed Themselves


I am the first to admit that death and dying is anything other than funny or entertaining but every so often it emerges that someone has managed to accidentally kill themselves in the strangest, weirdest and stupidest of ways you probably never thought were possible. For example…..

1 – Wearing A Neck Scarf that is Too Long


Way back in the 1920’s a woman named Isadora Duncan was a well known, well loved and stunningly beautiful dancer. She was as well known for her slender figure and long neck as she was for her graceful dancing. Isadora often enjoyed wearing long scarves which she would allow to flow graceful from her neck.

Unfortunately for Isadora she also enjoyed taking drives in the French countryside and as you can imagine long flowing scarves and open top cars with moving parts really don’t mix together. On the fatal day her scarf managed to get itself tangled in the rear wheel of her car while she was riding in the passenger seat, snapping her neck and killing her quicker than you could say ouch.

2 – Eating Way Too Much Dessert

As we all know gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and anyone who is interested in history will know that there are plenty of people in the history of royal families who are well known for this sin. The first that springs to most peoples mind is King Henry VIII of England but he ate like a stick insect when compared to King Adolf Frederick of Sweden.

King Adolf ate his last mean on February 12, 1771 when he sat down and feasted on lobster, caviar, steak and champagne. Most people would not feel like eating for a week having consumed such a lavish meal but not King Adolf who decided to finish off his feast with a dessert. A dessert which consisted of 14 huge bowls of Semla, a creme-filled pastry served in a bowl of hot milk. It was at the end of the 14th bowl that kings digestive system decided it could take no more and failed him killing him in the process.

3 – Listening Too Very Loud Music

One of the most common things that parents say to their kids must surely be “will you turn down that darn music.” For most of us we assume that our parents say this because they don’t want us to damage our hearing but there is an obvious safety issue there is you are unable to hear the world around you.

This is exactly what happened in the case of Isaiah Otieno of British Coumbia who was walking down the street wearing his headphones with his music pumped up to the very max. If it hadn’t been for his ridiculously loud music shaking his brain loose inside his head he probably would have heard the sound of the out of control helicopter that was heading in his direction.

As the helicopter came crashing down behind him it continued down the street colliding at high speed with the oblivious Otieno who was on his way to post a letter. The moral of this story is that it pays to pay attention as freak accident do occur from time to time.

4 – Death at the Hands of Your Own Invention

Segway’s, those two wheel stand-on transportation units, are very cool and great fun but they can also be somewhat dangerous especially if you happen to be James W. Heselden, the owner of Segway Inc.

Heselden was out for a ride on his very own Segway near his home in the south of England when he managed to accidentally steer it off a cliff. According to witnesses Heselden had been travelling down a path which ran along the top of a cliff when he tried to move over to one side to allow walkers past. As he did so he was unable to accurately steer his gadget and drove straight off the nearest cliff. Maybe Segway’s aren’t the safest things to be riding on in traffic after all.

5 – Playing Video Games

The next time you embark on a marathon video game session you might want to remember Lee Seung Seop, a man with a serious video game addiction. This man quit his job so that he could devote more time to playing video games and that decision ultimately cost him his life.

In the August of 2005 Seop started on a marathon video game session at his local South Korean internet coffee shop. He managed to play for a whopping 50 hours only ever stopping so he could take a toilet break. He ended up dying while still sat at the computer terminal. The cause of death was determined to be dehydration and heart failure. This death certainly gives a whole new meaning to words “Game Over”.

6 – Parachute Suit Testing

As one can imagine the ultimate test for any parachute or parachute suit is to actually jump from a very high building or an aeroplane. In 1912 aeroplanes were not that easily accessible so when Franz Reichelt, a French tailor who was obsessed with creating a wearable parachute suit, needed to test his device he went straight to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Reichelt called himself The Flying Taylor and on February 4, 1912 he climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower to test his parachute suit by throwing himself form the top while wearing it. Originally he had promised to use a dummy for the test but horrified onlookers watched him strap himself into the suit and then hurl himself over the towers edge. The suit failed to work as he had expected, in fact it did nothing, as he plunged quickly to his death. A quick search on YouTube will give you a variety of videos which show the real event and the man’s fall to his death.

7 – Overdosing on Sex and Viagra

I have often heard that you cannot get to much of a good thing but that certainly was not the case for Sergey Tuganov, a 28 year old man who made a bet with two girls for $3,000 that he could go at it with them all day. Determined to make sure he won the bet and the $3,00 Tuganov downed an entire bottle of Viagra and jumped into action. Zoom forward 12 hours and Tuganov was victorious in winning the bet but later died of a heart attack as a direct result of consuming a fatal overdose of the drug.

3 Totally Irrational Thoughts That We All Have

The thoughts that go through our head are probably one of the strangest things that exist in the known universe. More mysterious than any phenomenon known to exist and a wonder to anyone who dare think long enough about what I am stating here.

Despite the very real fact that the thoughts which go through our head being so brilliant, special and unique there is something very worrying about both our thoughts and ourselves. That worry lies in the very fact that we all spend the majority of our time and our lives thinking the most irrational of thoughts that are beyond bizarre even for the most insane among us.

Getting Caught Out In A Lie

Go on! Admit it! You tell the occasional little white lie. If we’re all honest we probably tell more lies in our everyday life than we even realise. For some of us lying is no big deal and we seldom worry about it but for others the slightest hint that we may have not been entirely honest creates a sinking feeling deep in the pit of our stomachs that we simply cannot shake.

This is quite obviously an understandable reaction that most of us have had since childhood when we told lies to our parents and then spent the next three weeks worrying about getting caught out. In fact we spent most of the time within those three weeks walking on egg shells trying to decide whether or not our parents knew that we had been lying.

As we get older the fear of someone finding us out in a lie becomes, in many cases, totally and utterly irrational and we find ourselves worrying about the lies we told to strangers. This is a mixed reaction between the embarrassment of someone catching us out in a lie and the fear of the punishment we will receive as a result of lying.

A typical example of how we are preprogrammed to be fearful of someone realising that we are lying is when you are walking down the street and someone approaches you asking if you have a few minutes to spare to fill in a survey or if you can spare some change. Your immediate response is that you are in a mad rush or you have no money on you and then you get the heck out of Dodge as quickly as you can.

The fear and panic takes over you when less than thirty minutes later you happen to be walking back up the same street holding an overpriced cup of hot coffee and you realise that if the person who approached you earlier sees you then they will know you were lying and just didn’t want to talk to them. You might even find yourself days later still trying to justify to yourself why you didn’t give the homeless person your spare change or why you shunned the poor woman desperately trying to fill in a survey.

When you think about this with a logical mind you really have to ask yourself what are you expecting to happen the next time you walk down that section of street. Are you expecting the same homeless person to come creeping up behind you and go “A-ha!!!! I knew you were lying. I knew you had some change in your pocket”

Trying to Control The Outcome

We’ve all been in the situation where we find ourselves perhaps glued to the television watching our favourite team play our favourite sport and the entire game comes down to that one single point. We sit there desperately praying and believing with all of our heart that if we pray hard enough or concentrate hard enough then we will end up having some strange and divine effect on the outcome of the game.

Obviously this sort of irrational thinking is not solely used when we are watching sporting events. Pretty much any situation we find ourselves in where we feel desperate for a certain outcome we find ourselves honestly believing that the power of thought will effect the out come. The more desperate we find ourselves the more we seem to believe we have some special power to control the outcome of the universe with nothing more than the power of thought.

It is a nice idea but completely irrational and ludicrous for us to think this way.

Everyone is Talking Behind Your Back

people talking behind back

It takes a somewhat heartless and shallow, maybe confident person to have never spent at least some of their time thinking that everyone around them is talking behind their back. Usually this happens in the workplace or within a persons home life but always involves the gut twisting fear that people are talking about you behind your back. For some people this irrational fear gets so bad that every time they see a work colleague or family member on the phone or in a conversation with someone else they start fearing that the communication is about them.

The truth here is that this irrational thought is usually a direct result of someone having a guilty conscious. A typical example would be a man who has cheated on his wife and fears she will find out. This can lead to him jumping every time the phone rings just in case the call happens to be someone ready to spill the beans.

5 Horrifying Facts Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know


Anyone who has found themselves reliant on any form of medication will know just how expensive they can be. In fact the worldwide pharmaceutical industry is worth a staggering US$300 billion a year. When you take the time to realise the huge sums of money that are involved it is hardly any wonder that companies within this industry have more than their fair share of secrets that they would rather you, the medicine buying public, did not know.

1 – “Me-Too” Drugs

In every single commercial industry that has ever existed and ever will exist there is and always will be competition between rival companies. This is particularly true if the industry in question happens to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars so it is hardly any wonder that when one pharmaceutical companies comes up with a new and potentially profitable drug all the other companies are desperate to get in on the action.

Obviously rival companies cannot simply rip off each others products because pharmaceutical companies are well known to create what can only be described as iron clad patents on their products. To get around the small issue of patents pharmaceutical companies invest huge sums of money into finding ways to ever-so-slightly altering a molecule or two. This means it is possible for rival companies to produce as many generic knockoffs as they can imagine without breaching any laws, patents or copyrights and grab their share of that juicy potential revenue.

It is certainly no secret that drug companies engage in this practice on a regular basis but what the pharmaceutical industry would rather you did not know is that while they are spending time, resources and huge sums of money on trying to legally replicated each others companies they are in fact taking all of these resources away from developing new life saving and life changing drugs with real benefits to real people. Sure, pharmaceutical companies still spend huge amounts of time and money on researching and developing new drugs but they could do so much more were they not constantly chasing each others tail in the quest for bigger and certain profits.

2- Pharmaceutical Companies Play Down Known Side Effects

Have you ever had a time in your life where your hair started to fall out in big clumps or your body started to develop huge puss-filled spots and strange rashes for no apparent reason? Well, if you can answer yes to that question there is a really good chance that this was nothing more than something that was not so clearly listed in the side effects of the medication you were on as “may cause mild skin irritation”.

You can be forgiven for thinking that drug companies are legally bound to make sure customers, in this case you, are well informed and know all potential and certain side-effects that can occur through the use of their products. The thing is drug companies are actually legally bound to document all known and potential side effects but they are are also legally allowed to spend huge sums of cash on promoting their products using any positive angle they chose. When huge sums of money are thrown at any product to promote it in a positive light a smoke screen quickly appears and clouds even the most critical of eyes.

The obvious question here is “why do doctors not make sure we all understand the side-effects?”. Well, not only do pharmaceutical companies downplay side effects to Mr Joe Public they also downplay side-effects to doctors. There is more than a good chance that when your doctor prescribes drugs to you he to is actually totally unaware of the side-effects.

Scary thought, isn’t it?

3 – Disease Mongering and Disease Rebranding

The pharmaceutical industry and all of those billions of dollars rely solely on people becoming sick. If we all woke up tomorrow and disease and illness suddenly failed to exist the industry would fail in a heartbeat. On that note it is easy to see that new diseases and illnesses can be good news for the pharmaceutical industry. A new illness means a new cure is needed and a new cure means new profits.

There are only so many illnesses that are ever going to exist or come along at anyone time so drug companies have been quick to realise that they should not only market their products they should also market the disease.

We’ve all witnessed songs that are released one year then rereleased by another artist several years later with a totally new spin on it. Drug companies have realised that if they can put a new spin on an old disease they can then put a new spin on a drug. In 2003 the huge pharmaceutical giant Glaxo did jus this when it decided to invent and publicise a new disease which was called Social Anxiety Disorder. Not only did they launch this new disease they also launch a new product and cure for it in the form of a very strong antidepressant. The medication bagged Glaxo millions, if not billions, of dollars in the quest to treat Social Anxiety Disorder but what Glaxo did not make common knowledge was that Social Anxiety Disorder was nothing more than a new name for something we all know as “shyness”.

I would guess that you are thinking that shyness is not a disease and this is what is so worrying about what pharmaceutical companies refer to as disease mongering. It would be of no surprise if some pharmaceutical company somewhere decided to rename and start treating something as common as happiness.

4 – Money Talks and So Do Bribes

When a doctor prescribes a medication it is perfectly natural for you to assume he is doing so because that medication is the best possible way to treat you and any aliment that you may have. Well, you can assume that but you would be very much wrong. Doctors, just like any other business, are more than happy to prescribe to you whichever medication comes from the manufacture that happens to be filling their pockets with the most cash.

If a doctor has the option of prescribing you one of two drugs, drug A and drug B, with drug A being the most effective with the least side effects he is still highly likely to prescribe you drug B if that is the drug which will net him the most profit.

It’s okay to be outraged by this little known fact but we do live in a society based on capitalism and most of us would do the same given half the chance.

5 – Sweatshop Manufactured


It is common knowledge that most popular clothing brands and electronic companies manufacture their products overseas, in countries where the labor is dirt cheap and workplace regulations tend to be barley existent.

Since we all imagine medication to be produced in a clean and sterile environment we all tend to think that it is manufactured in western countries under strict guidelines and controls. Believe it or not an ever increasing amount of medication is now produced in the same countries that offer cheap labor and very little in the way of workplace regulations.

It is important to realise and understand that big pharmaceutical companies are businesses just like any other business in any other industry and the bottom line here is money. If a company, even a pharmaceutical company, can produce it’s products in what is basically a sweatshop employing poor people who will work eighteen hours for fifty cents and no bathroom breaks, well, you can bet your last dollar they are going to do just that.

Just don’t expect them to shout that fact from the rooftops.

5 Most Annoying Coworkers (and how to deal with them)


When it comes to the work place we all know that it can be filled with a diverse range of coworkers each with a different personality and therefore all with the potential to annoy you in a different way.

Sure, there is the occasional coworker out there who you might get on with but at the heart of matters we all know that they annoy you more than you will ever admit

1 – The Space Invader

No, the space invader coworker is nothing at all to do with vintage video games but is all about invading your space. Both your work space and your personal space. It doesn’t matter if you are hard at work or sat on the toilet taking the mother of al dumps the space invader will pop up usually using the old line, “just passing by” or “just popped in to see how you are doing.”

From here the conversation will continue to go down like cheap five dollar hooker who has just been hit in the stomach by a fat guy with warts. That is quickly and will become more and more pointless until you finally manage to escape which is never an easy task

How To Deal With This Coworker

I’m sure you have heard time and time again that the best form of defence is to attack and that is certainly true here. The obvious idea here is to let out a silent but deadly fart but that is not always possible so here you will have to rely on a simpler and more conventional form of attack.

You can start by filling every single bit of space on your desk with something to stop this coworker parking their backside anywhere near you for what will turn out to be hour after hour. Make sure there are no available seats nearby and if all of that fails and you are presented with an unwanted visit you simply start talking about the contagious disease that you think you might have. In this case an occasional cough and th need to put your hand on the coworker to steady yourself will work wonders.

2 – Mr/Mrs Know-It-All

Mr and Mrs Know-It-All is that one person in your work place who really does think they know everything about everything. It really doesn’t matter what topic is being discussed you can guarantee that this coworker will will know, or at least think they know, more than anyone else in the room. Even when you happen to be talking about a subject in which you are particularly knowledgeable Mr or Mrs Know-It-All is sure to be standing there ready to correct each and everyone of your points.

Not only does Mr and Mrs Know-It-All annoy the hell out of you because they think they know everything about everything they annoy you because they always have to be that one step better than anyone else. If you ran a 5k race they would have ran a 10k race. If you ran a half marathon they would have run a full marathon.

It doesn’t even stop at out of work activities. This coworker even claims to do your job much better than you can ever hope of doing it and they can do it while standing on their head.

How To Deal With This Coworker

The key when it comes to Mr and Mrs Know-It-All is all down to preparation. If you find that you are required to work alongside or with this coworker and there is now way of avoiding it then make sure you do your homework and bring all your card to the table. Bring airtight facts to the table and make sure they are 110% correct.

For added pleasure and satisfaction always be one step ahead and research facts that you know Mr and Mrs Know-It-All will jump on within a millisecond. The key here is to anticipate what Mr and Mrs Know-It-All will jump on and make sure you have a fact to counter whatever they throw at you.

3 – The Gossip

The gossip is the guy in the office who does not know how to shut their mouth or how to keep it shut. They know everything about everyone and they will insist on telling you every little intimate detail regardless of whether you asked or not.

The gossip is very much like the workplace bully and comes in various shapes and forms. For very obvious reasons the gossip is a master of disguise and as two faced as they come. They use this ability to make sure they are up to date with everyones business. What they don’t know about life in your workplace is not worth knowing about. God help you if the gossip manages to get even the slightest bit of dirt on your personal or professional life.

How To Deal With This Coworker

This is one coworker you really must avoid at all cost. Do not tell them anything. Not what you happened to do last night, not what you had for your lunch and certainly nothing about your personal life. If you are talking in a group and spy the workplace gossip nearby make sure you get the heck out of Dodge as quick as your legs will carry you.

If the gossip doesn’t know anything about you then the less damage they can do.

4 – The Bully

The workplace bully tends not to be the type of bully we are all familiar with. Rather than recreating the bully scenes between Biff Tannen and Geroge McFly in  a Back to the Future movie in your workspace this coworker is that one guy in your office who has a tiny bit more authority than you and uses it their advantage at every available chance.

What makes the coworker bully all the more annoying is that they are only a bully to you because they are indeed further up the command chain than you and in some cases they can even be your boss. If that is the case you spend your days having to jump through hoops and asking “how high” every time they tell you to jump.

How To Deal With This Coworker

The one and only effective way to deal with a bully is to give as good as you get. Sure, this might seem difficult especially if the bully is your boss but this is where workers rights protect you. Don’t be afraid to show that you are annoyed at the constant jibes and don’t ever let yourself get drawn into pointless and long winded arguments that you cannot win. use humour to hit back at the bully with clever remarks that will make they bully look like a complete jack ass should they continue to poke at you.

5 – Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am

Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am could well be the most annoying person, not only in the workplace, but the entire world. After spending years at college and working your way up to whatever level you are at who does not love a useless, clueless and snotty rich kid who quite literally has his job because he is either the son of the company owner or married to the owners daughter. Mr Do-You-Know-Who-I-Am is the guy with the cosy office who spends all day playing around on Facebook while you are left to pick up on the slack. If things go badly then he is quick to point the finger at you but when things go well he is the first to stand up and take the credit.

If you dare to question this guy or object to the fact he sits on his ass all day you are certain to hear the old line “do you know who I am?” This guy has no remorse, no heart and lives anywhere but in the real world.

How To Deal With This Coworker

We all want to march into this guys office and tell him where he can go and stick his job but we all have bills to pay and families to support so this is just not an option. The next best thing is to find a common interest with this guy. If you find he is a degenerate gambler who always loses then you simply pass yourself of as exactly the same. Give him a friend within the workplace he can relate to since he knows everyone else in the office hates his guts.

Yes, this may be a bitter sweet pill to swallow but at least it will keep him off your back and it will put you in the best possible position to snap up any promotions that might arise. If that doesn’t work at least you can look down your nose on him and his gambling habit.

4 Reasons the Apocalypse is Closer Than You Think

Post-Apocalypse-LondonOne thing we all know for certain is that the apocalypse is certainly on the way. I could happen within the next one hundred years but it could also happen within the next few seconds. It is fair to say that the apocalypse is such a hot topic because no one knows how or when it might happen. The truth is no one really knows when the apocalypse will happen, we all just know that it will happen soon or later.

The problem is that the apocalypse may well be somewhat closer than you think.

Increase in Natural Disasters

It’s pretty hard to ignore the fact that there seems to be a huge in crease in the number of natural disasters that are happening all over the world. It seems that whenever we turn on the news or pick up a newspaper there is yet another story about a natural disaster occurring somewhere.

Australia seems to be getting struck by earthquake after earthquake, Asia seems to be getting battered by tsunami’s while the USA is witnessing sever snowstorms, hurricanes and tornados. The UK, according to what we see on the news, is pretty much submerged under water with constant flooding and the rest of Europe looks like it could suffer the same fate. Yes, it does seem that everywhere we look a natural disaster is occurring.

There is a wide range of suggested reasons behind why so many disasters are occurring ranging from climate change to top secret government projects designed to create such horrific disasters. This all may sound far fetched but deep in the most remote part of Alaska there is a huge top secret government installation known publicly as HAARP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. It is believed by many that this installation is being used by the US government to manipulate electrical frequencies in the earths atmosphere which in turn are used to create natural disasters.

There is no denying that natural disasters are becoming more and more common and more and more severe. How long is it before a natural disaster occurs on a biblical scale? A natural disaster capable of wiping out the majority of the population. It could be just around the corner.

The Mother of Financial Disasters

Over the years the worlds has seen plenty of financial meltdowns but luckily our economy has managed to somehow recover and keep on ticking away just as it always had. Even the Great Depression which saw huge numbers of people out of work and destitute was not enough to bring the worlds economy to a complete halt.

The most recent of financial meltdowns occurred as recently as 2008 and is considered to be the worst financial crisis the world has seen since the 1930’s. As a result of the 2008 financial crisis some of the biggest banks in the world required astronomically huge government bailouts to keep their doors open while some of the worlds largest and longest operating financial institutions simply collapsed and failed over night.

Sure, financial disasters like this have happened time and time again but to this very day the 2008 financial disaster has left things feeling a little different. It is as if things are not recovering as quickly as they should and life is far from getting back to normal. To this very day unemployment is still at a record high and governments all over the globe are cutting spending on vital services to unmanageable levels. There are even some countries, mainly in the European Union, who have required huge bailouts and loans from other countries just so they can pay their bills. When a government is at the point of going bankrupt you just know that something is not right.

When you take a step back and look at the amount of debt nearly every country in the world is in, and still racking up more, it is hard not to sense that this particular financial disaster is still not over and the worse is still to come. Is it possible that financial markets all over the world are quite literally bursting at the seems and ready to explode at any given moment? If that happens you can expect society as we know it to collapse as everyone rushes to the nearest bank in a desperate attempt to draw their money which banks will no longer have.

Cyber Threats

There is a very real reason that governments are ploughing vast sums of money into defending against cyber attacks. It is not just governments who are having to invest heavily in protecting against cover attacks, nearly every organisation and company in the world is having to do the same.

Once upon a time computer hacking was usually confined a created very little damage but in todays modern world computers are pugged into everything, connected together and relied upon to run everything from air traffic control, to your homes heating system.

We are all very much aware that we live in a dangerous world where terrorist are looking for ways to disrupt our way of life and because of that very reason the next big terror attack may not come in the form of a big explosion from a home made bomb. The next big attack could come in the form of a cyber attack.

Imagine that a terrorist organisation or hostile government launched a cyber attack at the computer systems which control a nations electricity grid. If they were able to gain access to such a system it would not take much more effort to wreck havoc and create damage that could take weeks to repair. This could mean an entire nation without electricity until that repair takes place.

While this might not seem all that bad consider this. Without electricity you would be unable to draw money from an ATM, roads would become crippled as traffic controls fail which would mean food would be unable to be delivered to shops. Water would no longer run from your household tap because the pumps required to deliver the water to your house run off electricity. Nearly everything you can possibly think of requires some form of electricity to operate so it is easy to realise the panic and breakdown of society and control that would follow as people began to panic.

Of course a cyber attack on a nations electricity supply is just one scenario. The frightening truth is there are quite literally hundreds of computer systems that are open to attack and if attacked would cause untold breakdowns in the way our society runs.

Maybe it is not a case of will this happen and more a case of when this will happen.

Scary Conspiracy Theories

Not only has the internet given us access to 24 hour a day adult entertainment it has given us the ability to share theories, spread rumours and leak confidential information on an industrial scale. It is actually becoming more and more difficult to access the internet without stumbling across a conspiracy theory of some description.

Some of these conspiracy theories surround the deaths of famous celebrities or major companies covering up a wide variety of scandals. Just take a look at the UK press to see the conspiracy theories surrounding Jimmy Savile and the BBC.

There are of course conspiracy theories that surround what is commonly referred to as the New World Order. Many of these conspiracy theories claim that our governments are run by a secret elite organisation designed to control us and manipulate us. Heck, there are even theories out there claiming that events such as September 11, 2001 were the work of the US government.

Whether or not you believe these theories or not it is impossible to deny that there is chance in everything. That means there is a chance, regardless of how small, that these wild theories are based upon some form of truth. As time goes by we are indeed learning that our own government was involved in some pretty scary coverups and acts of manipulation over the years. During the second world war I’m sure that the majority of German’s had no idea of the true horrors that their government was involved in.

Is it not possible that we are blissfully unaware of the true reality of what our leaders are up to? What is to say that 100 years from now evidence will begin to leak out proving that all the conspiracy theories were correct all along?

Yes, it is unlikely but it is possible and if it is possible and it is true the apocalypse is very much real and very much just around the corner.

6 Body Parts We All Have But Actually Don´t Need


This may be very hard to believe but the human body, your body, has at least 24 parts that it really doesn’t need. You may well ask why we have so many body parts that are no use whatsoever and the simple answer to that is that they are nothing more than left over bits from the early stages of our evolution. At one point these useless spare parts probably served a vital role in our existence but nowadays we do not need them.

Sooner or later these spare parts will probably disappear completely and the only reminder of them will be in the history books and further proof that Mr Charles Darwin was indeed correct with hs theory of evolution.

Here is a quick look at the most well known useless body parts that we all happen to be carrying around in the strange hope that it might suddenly become useful again.

1 – Appendix

The human race has changes quite a bit since we first began walking the planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. Not just in the way we look but the way in which we live as well. It is thought that the appendix once played a vitally important role in the digestion process of raw plants which would have been a large part of our diet back in the day.

Nowadays we don’t go around eating raw plants that we find growing in the wild so it is now believed that the appendix is no longer needed. Just because you happen to have an appendix does not mean that you can go around eating plants you find in your garden because over thousands of years of evolution your appendix no longer functions the way it did one hundred thousand years ago when cavewomen looked like Raquel Welch and wore furry bikini’s.

Some scientist have the believe that the appendix might still help us fight disease but there is no concrete evidence of this. Many people have their appendix removed when and if it becomes infected.

2 – A Small Tail

Everyone has heard someone refer to someone going home with their tail between their legs. Of course no one actually believes that anyone would actually putting a real tail between their legs bt the existence of a very small tail bone, present in all humans, is indeed proof that we all once had a tail.

This may sound totally ludicrous but at the bottom of your spine there is definitely a very small bone there which is indeed the tiny remains of a tail which, over millions of years, has shrank and disappeared most probably as we began to walk on two legs and stand up straight.

It is thought that the remaining, and very tiny, little tail bone that we all have still aids us slightly when we are sitting down or standing up but other than that it is totally useless and if it was removed we would never know.

3 – Tonsils

The tonsils are actually used by the human body in the battle to fight diseases and infections that attack our throats As they fight such infections the tonsils become red, inflamed and hurt like you’ve just jumped off the Empire State Building and landed on a bicycle with no seat.

Certain people find that their tonsils hurt a lot and very often so they have them removed in childhood. In fact the tonsils are the most removed organ in the human body. Nowadays we have special drugs and antibiotics that help control tonsil problems so they are not as commonly removed. The fact that they can be removed with no side effects clearly shows that the tonsils are actually a pretty pointless organ.

4 – Goose Bumps

We’ve all, at one time or another, had the goose bumps. They usually happen when we get either cold or scared and are a left over result of when the human race was covered in fur. What the goose bumps are is your body’s way of trying to create a thicker layer of hair which would keep the heat from escaping your body.

As we have developed and started to wear animal skins and clothes we have slowly evolved in to hairless animals. It is not known why we no longer have fur but still get goose bumps but it can only be assumed that as time goes on we will lose the goose bumps as well.

5 – Wisdom Teeth

What is strange about wisdom teeth is that most people usually have four wisdom teeth while other people have none whatsoever. According to people who specialise in the process of evolution we have started to lose our wisdom teeth because we no longer have any need for them.

There are lots of people out there who actually have their wisdom teeth removed because they cause all kinds of severe problems and pain.

Once upon a time wisdom teeth were useful to us because our jaws were once much bigger and much of our diet was plant based and plants obviously take a lot of chewing. Nowadays they are just in the way and remind us that we are getting old.

6 – Ears That Move

For some really strange reason there are people who have the ability to move their ears up and dan using only the power of their ear muscles. There are some strange people out there who seem to think this is a skill that can actually be used, you have to ask why anyone would spend time learning this useless skill, and they are very much correct.

Each and everyone of us processes ear muscles which we need to perform the ear moving technique that most guys have, at some point or another, used to try and unsuccessfully impress women in a bar. All it takes is a few hours, maybe days, worth of practice and you will be good to go.

The reason we have this seemingly pointless ability dates back to when we used to hunt our prey and required the ability to move our ears to hone in on various sounds as we moved around. Since we no longer hunt our prey we no longer have the need to move our ears and therefore the muscles required to do this are pointless.