Doc Cotton | Bespoke printed 100% organic garments

100% Organic Cotton. Handmade in Peckham.

Wear Ethically Made Clothes by Independent Designers

Buying through Doc Cotton, you can be assured of the craftsmanship and high quality materials that go into every item.

Labour and material costs typically represent 50% of our selling price vs. less than 20% at a normal retailer.

Read more about our sustainable practices and find out #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Whilst our prints come from independent designers, the entire production process is managed by Doc Cotton, including the sourcing of fabric, digital printing and construction of the items, to ensure the strictest sustainable and ethical practices are applied.

The fashion industry needs to evolve to a sustainable and ethical model. By providing a platform that allows any individual or business to easily design a sustainable clothing range, we aim to lead the backlash against fast fashion”.
Founder, James Pickard

Design Your Own
Create your bespoke printed garment with Doc Cotton.
100% organic cotton. Handmade in Peckham.
Digitally printed. Zero waste packaging.