Individuality expressed through clothing

Empowering the nation to create their own wardrobe


From the moment the idea was born to the moment we opened our shop in Peckham in South East London, the concept has always been the same, to empower the customer to create their own wardrobe. We want you to be able to create the designs that you want to wear as opposed to trawling through numerous retailers and settling on something which isn’t truly what you first set out to find. Use us to be your own brand as opposed to being constrained by someone else’s.


Select which garment you want and then select the size that’s best for you. If you’re ordering in store then you will be able to try on the ghost garments or if you’re ordering online, use our sizing charts to ensure you select the correct fit.


Choose one of the 100 prints that have been provided by local designers or upload your own design via our software to view a mock up on the garment that you selected. Enlarge or decrease the size of the print to suit your own personal taste.

Choose from a variety of buttons to add to the finish and a large selection of thread colours to compliment the design.