Tailored for individuality

Empowering the nation to be themselves


Fed up with mass-produced fast-fashion, we are on a mission to personalise the nation’s wardrobe and create affordable, customised clothing.

From the moment the idea was born to the moment we opened our first shop in Peckham, the concept has always been the same, to empower the customer to create their own wardrobe.

We want you to create personalised clothes that you want to wear rather than trawling through numerous retailers only to settle on second best. Use us to be your own brand as opposed to being constrained by someone else’s.


1. Select which garment you want and the size that fits you best.

2. Choose from the 100s of prints that have been pre-selected or upload your own design

3. View the mock-up of your new garment and adjust the size of the print

4. Choose from a variety of buttons and threads to add the finishing touches

5. Have your personalised, hand-made garment delivered to your door in 3-5 days.


  • Each garment is made individually in our Peckham studios
  • Our top of the range digital printer will print your design onto the required fabric, using only 100% high quality cotton to ensure great feel and fit
  • The fabric is then treated and cut according to size before our local seamstresses construct your garment by hand
  • Once we are happy with the finish and quality your unique, personalised garment is delivered to your door.


All our prints have been provided by a number of local designers


The fabrics used are high quality, 100% cotton, separating themselves from the unbreathable garments frequently used in sublimation printing. Our fabrics are sourced from the UK.


All buttons and threads are of an extremely high quality and again, like the fabrics, have been sourced from UK outlets only. We have ensured that we have a wide and varied selection of both buttons and threads to suit all tastes among our customers.


Something very important to us, it is important that every item of clothing that we make, falls under the term “sustainable fashion”.

All garments will be made in a studio underneath the shop by our seamstresses and each of those seamstresses receives over the London Living Wage.

Because each garment is made especially for their owner, no garments are wasted and destroyed. This is hugely important to us at Doc Cotton.


We are committed to improving manufacturing in the UK and to restoring its history as one of the manufacturing hubs of Europe.

We want to work towards apprenticeships to use those based locally who have the required skills to make our garments as opposed to outsourcing them to outside the UK.


With such a strong array of talent currently in the capital and throughout the UK, it is our aim to promote print designers as best as we can to improve their exposure.

We are working with a large group of local artists to bring you designs that aren’t available in shops and to provide something different than the current high street offering.


We want to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible through customisable fashion until almost anything can be tweaked to one’s own personal taste. This may be humble beginnings but we have great plans to grow further and to continue to provide our customers with new ways to make their clothing ever more bespoke.