At Doc Cotton we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently to the average lifestyle brand.

Firstly, we print all our fabric in house ourselves – and it is only printed to order so we don’t hold any excess stock.

Why do we do this you may ask?

Most companies must forward order stock which they hold and sell – this can create waste as some lines just don’t sell.  Therefore, they have end of season sales with the aim of shifting unwanted stock.  This wastage is a drain on the environment and something that is causing more and more concern in a world where our commodities are running out fast.

By only creating a garment or homeware item when it has been ordered on our website we are doing our little bit to lessen the number of unwanted fashion items each year.

The process of creating a garment at Doc Cotton is rather complex.

First the order is placed on our website, the garment size and textile design is downloaded as a pattern and sent to our printer.

Once the garment pieces are printed they have to go through a series of steaming and washing in order to set the water based dyes that were used to print the fabric.

This whole process takes approximately 5 hours and all happens in our state-of-the-art workroom.

After the 5 hours of preparation, the garment is ready to be made up.

The pieces are cut by hand and then passed to one of our machinists.

Our team literally create your garment by hand to order.

Once made up the garment is carefully packed into our gorgeous (recycled) packaging with a sprig of dried lavender grown around our workroom – and it is ready to be despatched to our client.

A total of up to 8 hours work can go into one garment and each stage of production is a labour of love.

The result is a beautifully hand crafted garment that you can treasure for years.