Did You Know? – Doc Cotton


Did You Know?

It’d only be right to tell you more about Doc Cotton and behind the scenes so we’re kicking off with our Top 5 ‘Did You Know?’

Did you know?

Peckham Levels is our current residence which is where all the magic happens!  7 empty levels of a multi-storey carpark was transformed into a new creative workspace and cultural destination, where we have our shop (not hard to miss with all the pandas!) and studio. Peckham Levels is powered by 100% renewable energy and has several talented members in-house we means we don’t have to look very far when it comes to photoshoots and creatives. Everything is made to order by Daylan, our Production Manager and his team so you can guarantee a fantastic piece and any questions answered about your bespoke item.

Did you know?

Doc Cotton is not named after Dot Cotton from Eastenders as you may think! James, behind Doc Cotton decided on the name after much thought for an ‘out there’ brand and something memorable, which definitely is the case if you haven’t seen our Panda models in the shop on the top floor.

Did you know?

We were voted ‘Best Buy’ when it comes to bags for life for our totebags in the Independent! We still can’t get over it and it’s pretty cool to think our totebags have been given the a-ok by Sirena Bergman who has an interest in sustainability and ethical products.

Did you know?

Did you know we’ve seen all sorts of custom prints on our garments including a tiled print of a customer’s face which we can say won’t ever be forgettable! We love seeing the sheer creativity and talent of Doc Cottoners and it always blows our mind when we open your prints -from California sunsets to Renaissance art, there’s no limits, which is the great thing about Doc Cotton – it’s your style and your choice!

Did you know?

We aim to make everything zero waste when it comes to resources and materials, only making needed samples for our shop and supplying other Peckham Levels members with surplus fabric that is not needed. Our method of creating your garment is transparent and a process that guarantees 100% quality. You can find more on this on our About Us page.

Stay tuned for more Did You Knows in the future!

Doc Cotton x