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Fashion Revolution Week 2019 #whomademyclothes

When the Rana Plaza disaster happened, the Fashion Revolution campaign began, pushing consumers to ask who ask more questions when it came to purchasing their clothes, including #whomademyclothes?

Fashion Revolution

We’re focusing this last week of April to raise awareness of how Doc Cotton allow for transparency, raising awareness for workers’ rights and the environment.

It isn’t enough just looking for the quality in the products we buy, we must ensure that there is quality in the lives of the people who make them.

// Orsola De Castro //

Name & Game Your garments are signed with the name of the production team member who created your piece from scratch. Our team meticulously and skilfully create your chosen garment, meaning your garment is of 100% quality and handmade in Peckham. Because it has been locally made, we can offer the opportunity for you to visit us at our London Bridge pop shop or Peckham studio if you wish to make your order in person rather then online.

Doc Cotton zero waste packaging
Edi’s blog focuses on behind the scenes at Doc Cotton and how we work

Consuming without Paying Our pricing integrates the cost of organic cotton fabric to the skilled craftsmen involved working on the yarn to production team costs, post and packaging and customisation. With so many elements contributing to the sustainable sourcing of fabric and construction, the cost of our garments consider all these ethical factors.

Sourcing Garments Know where every item of clothing you own is from? Where the fabric originates from? How it got transported to your local store? We provide all this information from the get-go meaning the fashion revolution is accessible. This is in comparison to fast fashion, where it is impossible to keep track and see the true origins and conditions in which your garment was made.

All Eyes on the Talent Having access to local and global talent means we consciously make use of the resources around us and generate opportunities our local community can access. We also aim to work with other Peckham Level members, through means of collaborating or distributing excess fabric for creative workshops or community projects.

Settings Matter Our being based in Peckham is significant for so many reasons; being situated in Peckham Levels means we are in a location that uses renewable energy. Additionally, we make use of local resources, thus reducing our carbon footprints, including use of our local area for photo-shoots including Bright Studios and resources to reduce transportation cost and material consumption.

Zero Waste All our packaging is zero waste meaning your garment arrives with the name of our production team member who created your garment. We also ensure there is no additional or unnecessary material used for packaging your garment.

In essential, it is important to us you know how we work and how your sustainable garment comes together. Once you know #whomademyclothes and how, the next question is to ask what choices can I make to to change my clothes consumption?

It’s the little personal touches that makes your Doc Cotton garment come to life. When you know your item was made in safe conditions and working environment and full transparency is offered, you can be sure you’re consciously consuming fashion.

Daylan, Jo and Ilka
Doc Cotton Production Team