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Doc Cotton Marketplace Guidelines

Designer Guidelines


Designers: Uploading Your Prints

  1. Please ensure that the design naturally tiles. If the file uploaded is placed next to itself, it would seamlessly flow into itself, creating a continuing pattern
  2. If you are uploading a stand alone image then the software will naturally tile the pattern, creating a flowing design.
  3. For both of the above, we would recommend uploading a high resolution JPEG in RGB with a minimum DPI of 300. If you need to change the DPI, use a site such as
  4. For best results, we recommend between 20 cm x 20 cm in height and width, in order for the software to tile the design optimally
  5. If your initial image is larger then 5MB or is larger then 20 x 20 cm, please use a free online resizing tool such as to reduce the file size before uploading

Marketplace Photography

First impressions count when selling online and high quality images are the best way to convince your customers to click that ‘Buy Now’ button, especially when the world of online shopping is so photo driven. We’ve put a handy summary of what to keep in mind when snapping your shots for your Marketplace store.

Quality Images Or Bust

You don’t need an expensive camera. If you have a decent phone camera such as the Iphone, you can use apps like VSCO and edit your photos on your phone before uploading to your store.

Create Browser and Mobile Friendly Images

Ensure you have taken a selection of photos so customers can see your product in different ways e.g on a hanger, laid down flat or worn by a model. We recommend your standard front and side shot – do make sure the entire product is viewable especially with items such as dresses and skirts. When customers are browsing on their phones, this means smaller screens so ensure a clean, minimalist design and a focus on the basics.

Keep your frame simple and showcase your product

Your Marketplace images should accurately represent the actual product for sale with no extra additions or props. Be careful when including props or accessories that may mislead the customer into thinking these are included with their purchase. If you really want to include props, do mention in the product description (which you can edit) that you are purely advertising that specific product itself e.g Kid’s T-shirt.

Follow the current trend calling for large and clean images

For the best display on all devices including phones and tablets, ensure products fill 85% or more of the image. Nobody wants to see a small product floating in a sea of white space, especially when viewing on an iPhone! Make sure your images are high quality and clear as possible.

White backgrounds are the industry standard

A completely white background helps us and you. We recommend shooting against a white background so that your photos blend in seamlessly with the Marketplace homepage however if you are shooting against a scenic background, a simple one would be best especially as your Doc Cotton garment will stand out naturally! Using a white background has many advantages, from better display on mobile devices to smaller file size so your image could load even quicker on our Marketplace.

Your images represent your brand

Whatever you decide to do with your images, try to keep them consistent with your look. Consistent images communicate strong brand identity, professionalism, and confidence, all of which help buyers feel more comfortable buying from you.

Finishing Touches

If you want to quickly and easily edit your product images, consider using VSCO and Pixlr for basic editing needs such as brightness and contrast. We’d recommend to not use filters as you want customers to know they are receiving the exact same product you’ve put online.