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In a world of fast fashion, Doc Cotton is reviving the values of ethical and bespoke fashion. Clothing dreamed from the imagination of independent designers, made with love by highly experienced people, worn with joy by our customers around the world. By buying through us, you can be assured of the craftsmanship and high quality materials that go into every item. Our prints come from independent designers, however the entire production process is managed by Doc Cotton. This includes the sourcing of fabric, digital printing and construction of the items, to ensure the strictest sustainable and ethical practices are applied.

Every item of clothing we wear was made by human hands. Hands that wove fabric, cut patterns, stitched seams and sewed buttons. Today’s mass produced fast fashion is not just produced by machines, they are made by real people with lives. The constant accumulation of fast fashion has devastating impacts on garment workers’ lives, working conditions and our planet.

Read more about our sustainable practices and find out #WhoMadeMyClothes?

“…handmade in Peckham, London by seamstresses paid in excess of the London Living Wage”

Our commitment to ethical fashion is absolute and is the core of our business ethos.  Access limited edition clothing from the world’s most exciting young designers where each item is handmade in Peckham, London from 100% organic cotton. Doc Cotton is the UK’s most essential community for emerging designers and design lovers. Designers can get inspired, boost their skills and discover the very best of the Doc Cotton marketplace as a member of our thriving tribe.

I loved the unique colours and patterns and it was even more rewarding to know it was made sustainably, ethically and right here in London. I would definitely recommend Doc Cotton to my friends and even design my own garment!

Andre Garber

My shirt arrived today and I could not be more pleased. Very well made and a such beautiful print designed by Cherbear Creative.

Alan Brook

From start to finish, an absolutely amazing service! Lots of discussion as I wasn't sure on sizing and they were so responsive and helpful and we got it spot on! Thank you DC!

Stefania Farrugia

Good to do business with, friendly communication, item well made and packaged well. Very happy with my tote bag.

Yvonne Davies

The fashion industry needs to evolve to a sustainable and ethical model. By providing a platform that allows any individual or business to easily design a sustainable clothing range, we aim to lead the backlash against fast fashion”. Founder, James Pickard

Design Your Own

Create your bespoke printed garment with Doc Cotton. 100% organic cotton. Handmade in Peckham. Digitally printed. Zero waste packaging.