Our Prints

Doc Cotton draws inspiration from our picturesque home county of Suffolk for our captivating prints. From the enchanting nature to the mesmerising coast, each print design finds its genesis in Suffolk, and every design has a unique story.


Robyn is a nod to traditional ditsy florals but has a modern feel.  The flowers have been drawn freehand and repeated in a non-uniform pattern creating areas of tightly packed petals, which blend seamlessly into less dense groups.

Small, delicate plants that are found in the Woodlands of Suffolk such as wood anemone, pink purslane and wild garlic were the inspiration.


Daisy takes inspiration from the nature around our beautiful workroom located deep in the Suffolk countryside. As the name suggests, the design is inspired by wildflowers that grow in the meadows and fields, daisies, poppies, and cosmos.

Daisy is hand drawn with beautiful flowing lines and if you look carefully, you will see a tiny heart motif that repeats across the design.  Daisy is a less dense and larger scale pattern than Robyn and has a very feminine feel.


Sammie’s inspiration comes from the ancient method of block printing, the earliest method of textile printing. Simple hand drawn stars are dotted amongst a spotty background.  Sammie is a great fabric to pair with Daisy and Saskia, a combination that works particularly well with the homeware range. Balancing the floral stories of Robyn and Daisy, Sammie is a more structured and simple design. 


Saskia is a clever stripe that offers more than just a ticking or pinstripe.  Saskia offers different bands of detail, which include elements of other prints in the collection, such as hearts, stars, and spots. 

Saskia, like Sammie, has been designed to work with the florals, Robyn, and Daisy.  We have again taken a classic design and added our own Doc Cotton style. 

Our Colourways

Our debut collection has been introduced in two distinct colour variations...


The big Suffolk skies are the inspiration for the first.  Varying hues of blue from bright turquoise to inky dark tones are used. Robyn with only one tone of blue to Saskia and Daisy with four, we have managed to create very different feelings with only colour.

Green and Pink

The green and pink palette is inspired by the rolling fields, miles of heathlands and stunning coastal scenery here in Suffolk. Sammie and Saskia bring a fun element to the range with the use of dark green contrasting with bright shades of pink.  Robyn serves a more masculine look using a majority of rich forest green with a tiny pop of pink.  Daisy is a dreamy combination of pale pink and soft greens. 

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