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We have two opportunities where you can be involved as a designer on Doc Cotton. You can create pre-designed garments to be sold through our marketplace or you can sell your prints through the Doc Cotton ’Design Your Own’ platform.

I want to launch my own line through the marketplace

I want to sell my prints through the shop
How Customers Order Through the Shop

1. The customer will choose their preferred garment style and size

2. They can then choose from 1000+ prints, where they will be able to click your designer name or categories. Alternatively, customers can also upload their own designs.

3. The customer can view the mock-up of their new garment and adjust the print size according to their preference

4. They can then customise their garment with a variety of buttons and threads to add  finishing touches.

5. We then post the customer’s personalised, hand-made garment delivered to their door within 5-7 days. If they send or post a picture via social media, we will tag your profile and promote your print!


How many prints can I upload to my designer profile?

As many as you want! You want our customers to have options when customising their garment, so feel free to upload as many of your artwork as possible! If you are launching your own line however, please remember you need to order your samples through your designer dashboard before adding your products to your store.

When do I receive my commission after my print has been used for an order?

Your 10% commission per item ordered is payable at the end of the month and you can enter your bank details on your account settings when logged into your designer profile.

Can I share your social media posts when you tag me or mention the online marketplace?

Of course! We strongly encourage you to promote your designs via our platform. We will promote prints and artists as well as promote the shop and marketplace.

How do you promote me on the shop and online marketplace?

As well as driving traffic from our website, we will promote you on social media, paid social campaigns and email marketing. You are welcome to repost our content and share any content you wish us to promote, especially if you’re working on new prints and products to submit on the platform!

How do I repeat my pattern?

We recommend using suitable software such as Photoshop or Illustrator if you’re handy at this otherwise there are websites that do the trick. We’ve included a handy guide to this on our blog.