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The heart of Doc Cotton's philosophy


Our Mission

At Doc Cotton, we take sustainability very seriously and are determined to minimise our impact on the environment and society. Our pledge to you is transparency, sustainable-sourcing and innovation, whilst always delivering a quality product. We want to minimise our impact on the environment, empower our employees and produce high quality, personalised garments built to last. 


Our #LovedClothesLast Policy

We have launched our #LovedClothesLast policy where customers can return their used Doc Cotton garments in return for a 20% discount off their next order. These garments will then be re-used or upcycled in an environmentally friendly way and customers will be notified about the destination of their old garments. This enables us to manage the environmental impact of a garment through its entire lifecycle and helps ensure that no Doc Cotton item ends up in landfill.

100% Organic Cotton

Our cotton begins as a seed cultivated via sustainable practices in family farms in Greece. It is carefully and separately ginned at the same area where it is grown.

Digital Printing

We produce all our garments through digital printing which lowers water use by 60%, energy consumption by 55% and CO2 emissions by 95%.

Preventing Pollution

Digital printing also prevents the industrial water pollution caused by fabric dyeing and treatment in emerging markets.

Low Carbon Footprint

All our made-to-order garments are manufactured at our Peckham studio with zero inventory and zero overproduction. This minimises our transport costs and reduces our carbon footprint.

Skilled Seamstresses

We pay all our skilled seamstresses a rate in excess of the London Living Wage.

Zero Waste

Because each garment is made especially for their owner, no garments are wasted or disposed of.

Organic Cotton Benefits

We firmly believe that the best fashion is sustainable, customisable and unique. Our pledge is to strive for progress in the revolution against Fast Fashion.

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