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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability is at the heart of the Doc Cotton philosophy


Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry on the globe after oil? We take this very seriously at Doc Cotton and are determined to minimise our impact on the environment and on society. Our pledge to you is transparency, sustainable-sourcing and innovation, whilst always delivering a quality product.

Our Solution

At Doc Cotton we want to minimise our impact on the environment, empower our employees and produce high quality, personalised garments that are built to last. We are leading the backlash against disposable fast fashion…

100% Cotton

We only use 100% cotton sourced from sustainable and organic suppliers.

Digital Printing

We produce all our garments through digital printing which lowers water use by 60%, energy consumption by 55% and CO2 emissions by 95%.

Preventing Pollution

Digital printing also prevents the industrial water pollution caused by fabric dyeing and treatment in emerging markets.

Low Carbon Footprint

All our garments are manufactured at our studio in Peckham, minimising transport costs and reducing our carbon footprint.

Skilled Seamstresses

We pay all our skilled seamstresses a rate in excess of the London Living Wage.

Zero Waste

Because each garment is made especially for their owner, no garments are wasted or disposed of.

Dare to see some scary facts about Fast Fashion....

The fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter.
Clothes made from polyester can take 200 years to decompose.
The average American generates 37kg of textile waste each year.
The average item is worn just 6 times before being disposed.
95% of clothes sold in the UK are manufactured abroad.
17-20% of all industrial water pollution resulted from textile dyeing and finishing.
There are 8,000 chemicals used in textile production processes.
85% of unwanted clothes end up in landfills rather than being recycled.
The average textile worker’s daily salary in Bangladesh is just $2.


We firmly believe that the best fashion is personalised, unique and sustainable and are doing our best to fight back against Fast Fashion and protect the planet.

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