Who Made My Clothes? - Doc Cotton Production Team


In the traditional fashion industry, it can be near impossible to track #whomademyclothes and under what conditions they were made. As a sustainable fashion business, we are committed to delivering full transparency around our supply chain and celebrating, not hiding, the craftsmanship and effort that goes into every piece of clothing.

Our entire production process is managed in-house by our talented and creative team, to ensure the strictest sustainable and ethical practices are applied throughout.

So without further intro, meet the Doc Cotton production team!

Daylan studied Fashion Design at the University of East London, where his interest in sustainability grew after realising how damaging the fashion industry is. This was paid tribute to in his graduate collection, which was a strong statement about the unethical production of leather. Daylan has been with Doc Cotton since the very beginning and he’s responsible for the entire production process, from managing your orders to post and packaging – what a powerhouse! Daylan’s favourite thing about working for Doc Cotton is being part of an innovative environment, which focuses on sustainability.

Jo did an apprenticeship with Penka Andreeva and is self-taught – she has a great eye for fashion! Jo believes everyone needs to be kinder to the environment and sustainable fashion is part of this. She also thinks clothes are an expression of ourselves and Doc Cotton embodies this, as each piece is as unique as each person.Jo’s favourite thing about working at Doc Cotton is that it is an encouraging environment where people with similar goals get to work together. That’s what we love to hear!

Ilke studied Textile and Fashion Design at the Chelsea College of Arts where she specialised in sustainability, our favourite subject! Ilke has designed several prints for Doc Cotton and is also part of our production team. Talk about multi-talented. In her print designs, she takes inspiration from geometry, urban life and illusions. Her designs reflects her way of seeing life, both experimental and joyful.

Her favourite thing about working for Doc Cotton is working with like-minded people and that it is sustainable and creative.

Saskia studied Fashion Design at Esmod Berlin International University of Arts for Fashion. She then came to London and completed her Masters in Textile Design at Chelsea College of Arts focusing on slow fashion and how to slow down consumerism. Her favourite thing about working for Doc Cotton is working for people who want to change the fashion industry by creating sustainable pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Daniel studied Fashion Design at the University of East London with a year work placement in Berlin. He believes making sustainable fashion should be the only way of making clothing, it is a collective effort but if people work united and as a community on that goal, it can be achieved sooner rather than later. Daniel’s favourite thing about being part of Doc Cotton is that it supports young designers and by creating this platform  that they can be part of is something beautiful.