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Our community of designers have created prints so you can customise your chosen garment. For all the creatives out there, we do encourage you to use your own prints and create the look that you want.

When using your own prints, please ensure that certain steps are followed to avoid any problems with the print and get the best results from us every time!

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  1. Please ensure that the design naturally tile. If the file uploaded is placed next to itself, it would seamlessly flow into itself, creating a continuing pattern
  2. If you are uploading a stand alone image then the software will naturally tile the pattern, creating a flowing design.
  3. For both of the above, we would recommend uploading a high resolution JPEG or PNG file with a minimum DPI of 300.
  4. At a 300 DPI resolution, we recommend uploading an image sized at 2000×2000 pixels in order for the software to tile the design optimally
  5. If your initial image is larger then 5MB or is larger then 20 x 20 cm, please use a free online resizing tool such as to reduce the file size before uploading


With so much talent out there, there are plenty of designs outside of our selection to use. If so, please ensure that you have permission to use these designs or that you have purchased ownership. If you are purchasing it, then read through the fine print to confirm you have the level of ownership required to print onto our garments.

As with designs that you have created yourself,  double check the design tiles and ensure it is a high resolution with a minimum DPI of 300. If not, you can use this website to convert your file.

If you’re a designer that would like to collaborate with us and allow our customers to express themselves through your creativity,  head to our Sell Your Prints page.


 Shutterstock and other stock image companies have millions of fabric prints available to them so you can spend hours looking through them to find the perfect print for you

Vector Magic lets you use photos of paintings and have them converted into vectors to be used with the software. They don’t have to be paintings by you. Friends, family and children can all become designers for the day

Speak to friends who have creative skills. In this creative world, your friends or family are bound to have the design skills to create the exact print that you want!

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